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"That's absurd! She's covering for him because I saw her and Nate on a date at the movies and she knows it's against the rules.(....) Oh, don't deny it. I recorded them on video."

Megan is a Grid Battleforce employee. She designed the Beast-X King Zord and the Beast-X King Activator for the Beast Morphers Rangers.

Character History

Megan was a worker for Zord Maintenance who blackmailed Zoey Reeves into recommending her for Nate's lab assistant. She then tried to sabotage the Cheetah Claws in order to get Nate Silva's job. She was found out after Nate discovers she deliberately disobeyed his instructions and Zoey confessed about the blackmail. Megan tries to get them in trouble while trying to divert attention from her sabotage, by showing Commander Shaw that she saw and recorded them on what looked like on a date which is against Grid Battleforce regulations. However, Commander Shaw is furious at Megan as her actions were worse and as a result, she was fired and kicked out of the building.Sound and Fury

Megan later returns with Mayor Adam Daniels and General Burke much to the surprise of Zoey and Nate. It turns out that she is the designer on the Beast-X King Zord upon being rehired by Burke. It is also shown that Megan was fully regretting her previous actions while working to earn everyone's forgiveness. While displaying the new Zord, Robo-Roxy took control of it with a virus that Controlatron manipulated Nate into engineering and Megan couldn't control it. While Devon was out with Cruise trying to stop it, Ravi and Steel went out with a satellite dish to send new programming to the rampaging Zord. Megan offered to help but Nate refused. She tells Zoey that Nate's plan will backfire against them and that when she helped build the Zord, she did it to help the Rangers and hope to be given a second chance. Surprised, Zoey brushes her off. When the satellite sends the Zord into battle mode, and listening Zoey, Nate seeks out Megan's help to finish the Beast-X King Ultra Bow upon seeing that she was right about her claim. As the Beast-X King Ultra Bow already has gorilla DNA and jackrabbit DNA in it, Megan helps Nate and Zoey upload the lion DNA in it to complete its creation. After their success in regaining control of the Beast-X Zord who helped to defeat Blaze's Megazord, Megan was congratulated for her work and officially welcomed back to Grid Battleforce by Commander Shaw who is among those who forgive Megan for her past actions.Beast King Rampage

Behind the Scenes


  • She is portrayed by Madeleine Adams.


  • The way Megan blackmails Zoey in order to get a job as Nate's lab assistant is similar to how In Space's Silvy Larson and her Megaranger Counterpart Ayumi Shiraishi respectively blackmailed Carlos Vallerte and Kenta into being their friend. The difference is that Silvy and Ayumi were later revealed to be sympathetic and felt bad about their actions, while Megan blackmailed Zoey for her own ambitions and didn't feel guilty until her second appearance.

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