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"Megamauler ready!"
―Megamauler's first lines after being created.[src]

"A little wind doesn't scare me!"
―Megamauler reacting to Levi in Superstar Mode and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"I'm back, folks! You know how I roll! Ra ha ha ha ha!"
―Megamauler when being gigantified and as he prepares to operate the steam roller.[src]

"This isn't good!"
―Megamauler's final words before his destruction.[src]

Megamauler was a skeleton/steamroller-themed monster appearing in the second season of Galaxy Warriors. He was the main antagonist of the episode Happy to Be Me.


Megamauler is created by General Tynamon from six Skullgators using Levi’s voice that he stole which allows him to use the stolen Ninja Fusion Star to fuse them through Madame Odius' hammer. He starts crushing the city as the Rangers morphed. After he crushes an overpass, the Rangers quickly summon their Zords and form the Ninja Steel Megazord to take on Megamauler but Megamauler is too strong and defeats the Ninja Steel Megazord by ramming through it. This forces the Rangers to escape much to Megamauler’s displeasure. He threatens to crush Tynamon when he blames him but Tynamon shrinks him and beats him for his failures. Annoyed, he retreats back to the Warrior Dome Ship where Tynamon later finds him and convinces him to battle the Rangers with him. Megamauler accompanies Tynamon as they encounter the Rangers who morph and Levi then changes into the all-new Superstar Mode using the Superstar Blade and Superstar Blade, Megamauler is quickly destroyed by the Super Star Storm Slash Final Attack where he is thrown into the air thanks to Levi's Storm Star and bisected before being thrown into the air and being blown apart.

After Tynamon is defeated by the Lightning Slash Final Attack, allowing Brody to retrieve the Ninja Fusion Star, Megamauler is Gigantified so the Rangers summons the Ninja Blaze Zords and form the Ninja Blaze Megazord to take him on. The monster uses the steam roller but is stopped in his tracks by the Ninja Blaze Megazord but the roller is too powerful so they have the Megazord kick some cargo to block it. This gives the Rangers enough time to form the new Ninja Blaze Ultrazord for the first time. The Ultrazord and Megamauler charge head first with the new Ultrazord using its Ninja Blaze Ultra Blitz while jumping and blasting Megamauler with its Blaze Ultra Strike. Megamauler tries to fight back but even he is no match for the Ultrazord's shear strength. The Rangers then use the Blaze Ultra Blitz two times which does major damage to Megamauler and destroys his roller. The Ninja Steel Rangers then destroy Megamauler for good with the Ninja Blaze Firestorm Final Attack which rips through him and obliterates him immediately after.


Megamauler was a monstrous brute who wouldn't take orders from anyone such as his creator. Megamauler was also rebellious, egotistical, aggressive, rude, bad mouthing, and back talking to the core and his personality was similar to that of a child who did not like taking orders from parents and/or teachers. Megamauler was also very disrespectful to elderly people (as shown as he tried to crush Tynamon) and intentionally threatened others who talk down to him and didn't accept criticism.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Megamauler could teleport himself to any location at will in a yellow-green energy beam.


  • Durability: Megamauler took an energy attack from the Ninja Blaze Ultrazord's cannons and barely reacted and a massive pummeling from the Ninja Blaze Ultrazord did little.
  • Charging: When Megamauler first fought the Rangers in their Ninja Steel Megazord, he ploughed through it with enough force to tear it apart.
  • Speed: Megamauler was very fast when moving his roller, ploughing through the Ninja Steel Megazord faster than it could react. The only thing that could keep up with him was the Ninja Blaze Ultrazord.


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  • Fists-When small sized, Megamauler had no weapons but possessed fists to strike at his enemies with.
  • Roller: As a giant, Megamauler used a roller in combat that he can use to plough down anything that are in his path and was used to tear apart the Ninja Steel Megazord.

Behind the Scenes



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  • His name was a play on mega and mauler.
    • Megamauler was originally meant to be called Boneroller, then it was changed to Compressator, and it was changed again to Megamauler when the episode aired.



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