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"Hey, where did you get that?!?"
―Megalador´s final words before his death[src]

Megalador is a shark/oleander/car monster, created by Mesogog. He is the main antagonist of the episode "Ocean Alert" in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.


Megalador is a creation of a shark, a oleander flower, and spare car parts. He was created by Mesogog. He is sent to kidnap Nikki Valentina, supermodel/actress of the serial Ocean Alert. He succeeded in his scheme, but was encountered with Tommy. Megalador captured her and teleported himself and her into lair of Mesogog. He also infected Conner and Kira with flower blasts, causing allergic reaction. Valentina soon escaped and Megalador was sent to capture her on the beach. Megalador encountered the rangers. After the battle he was destroyed by Z-Rex Blaster. Elsa revived and enlarged monster. Megalador created giant wave, tsunami and sent it on the Reefside. But Hayley activated the egg of new Stegosaurus Megazord and sent it to rangers. Megalador was destroyed by Stego Surgboard and Dino Drill. Ocean Alert


Megalodor highly cunning, unpredictable and sneaky. He was shown to be taking pleasure from his mission, capturing Valentina and also was shown to be attracted to her. He is however destructive and dangerous monster, as he wanted to destroy the entire city with tsunami and destroy the rangers. He is also highly arrogant (just like many other monsters) and was finally destroyed by rangers.

Powers And Abilities

  • Shoot Beam: He can shoot blue and explosive beam.
  • Split Water: He can split a apart of water to his enemies.
  • Transportation: He can transport himself to sea.
  • Tsunami Summoning: In the sea, he can summon a great tsunami for destroy the city.


  • Giant Oleander Flower: With his toxic flower that also can blast explosive rays, the attack affect the face to his victims, appearing warts.

Behind The Scenes



  • His name is a pun on the prehistoric giant shark, Megalodon.
  • Megalodor is one of few creatures in Mesogog's army, whose recipe components are listed clearly.
  • Megalodor is the first monster to be fought by Stego Surferboard.
  • During the battle with Megalador, Tommy says "Oh man, I hate shark monsters". This is a reference to the monster Slippery Shark, whom Tommy battled many years ago.

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