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"Mega Winger!"
Zhane summoning the Zord[src]

The Mega Winger was the Zord of Zhane, the Silver Ranger of Power Rangers In Space and a gift from the rebels on KO-35. The Mega Winger could change from spaceship to warrior mode, and was armed with the Wing Blaster. The Mega Winger was badly damaged in Countdown to Destruction and it is unknown if it was ever repaired.


Appearances: PRIS Episodes 30, 33-36, 42

Warrior Mode


Appearances: PRIS Episodes 30, 33-36, 40, 42

Winged Mega Voyager

The Mega Voyager can combine with the Mega Winger's wings to become the Winged Mega Voyager for flight conditions. They deliver a devastating flying rocket attack.

Appearances: PRIS Episodes 30, 32, 34

Super Megaforce

The Mega Winger's wings were used by the Q-Rex Megazord to fly with the Legendary Megazord. Also the America toy version of the Minizord from Power Rangers Super Megaforce can assume a Mega Winger like form.


  • In the draft script of Power Rangers in Space, the Mega Winger Megazord Mode originally was going to have its own megazord name called "Stratoforce Megazord", however this decision was scrapped leaving Mega Winger Megazord Mode without its name as the Stratoforce Megazord name was used for Auxillary Megazord for the next season.[1]
    • The Mega Winger was also originally going to have codename as "Mega-04" but later was scrapped due to the similar name that was already been used for Yellow Space Ranger's Zord.[2]


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