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The Mega Drill is a robot used by Praxis.


This robot was given to Praxis by Broodwing to attack Newtech City. Upon arriving, he produced a small controller which summoned two metal pieces that fused together into the Mega Drill, the controller forming the robot's console as Praxis went on a rampage. The Rangers attempted to stop it with their Delta Runners but were no match for the robot's immense firepower, soon after forcing them to back off. When Jack showed up, they formed the Delta Squad Megazord for the first time. It attempted to obliterate the Megazord but it was too fast and overwhelmed the robot with it's Delta Blaster, It soon after attempted a surprise attack but was disarmed by the Drill Robot's rock attack which made it's blaster land atop the robot. Unfortunately for Praxis, the Megazord drew it's Delta Sword and slashed the robot whilst retrieving it's main weapon. Praxis decided to make himself scarce by ejecting from the robot whilst the Megazord charged up the Delta Blaster and destroyed the Drill Robot in a few blasts, ripping it apart.

Powers and abilities

  • Power-Simply by driving forward, the Mega Drill was able to shunt The Delta Runner 5 aside as well as shove aside Rescue Runner 4. 
  • Durability-The Drill Robot has strong armour that can withstand a lot of powerful hits without reacting. Multiple blasts from Delta Runner 2 had no effect and a combined blast from both it and Delta Runner 3 did little more than make it rock up and down. After the Delta Squad Megazord was formed, it was shot multiple times by it's Delta Blaster but was unaffected.
  • Laser Barrage-The Drill Robot can unleash a barrage of orange energy lasers from itselfwhich could cause enormous explosions but had no actual effect on the Zords.
  • Rock Barrage-The Drill Robot can fire rocks from the tubes on it's back which was strong enough to make the Megazord fall over and lose it's blaster.
  • Ejection System-The Drill Robot has a foolproof ejection system as shown when Praxis saved himself from possible obliteration.


  • Drills-The Drill Robot has drills on either side of itself which, when spun, they could easily destroy Delta Runner 3's Super Crime Scene Tape.

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