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MegaZord Omega (メガゾードω, Megazōdo Omega) is the seventh and final Vaglass MegaZord archetype in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, piloted by Enter.


The first MegaZord Omega appeared shortly after the Kyoryugers killed Waredonaiyer and whilst the Gokaigers were fighting Bacchus Gill so the Go-Busters deployed against it alone in Go-Buster Oh and Buster Hercules. However, it proved too strong for any of them. easily taking down Buster Hercules with its cannon blasts and overwhelming Go-Buster Oh. Bacchus soon grew, making the Gokaigers form GokaiOh and GoZyuJin. However, Enter blasted all four down, taking out their systems before he tried to finish them off. Unfortunately for him, even with all systems offline and Nick, Usada, and Gorisaki seemingly dead, their determination reactivated the formations and they slashed back MegaZord Omega. They then summoned LT-06 and formed Go-Buster LiOh, Go-Buster Ace now acting independently. Then, the Gokaigers unlocked their Grand Power which changed Ace into GekiTohja, Buster Hercules into MagiKing, GoZyuJin into Daizyuzin, Buster Hercules into GaoKing, GokaiOh into DaiBouken, and left LiOh to itself. In response, Enter summoned an army of Alpha, Gamma, Delta, and Beta MegaZords from Hyper Space to assist them. In spite of this, with the aid of Ace becoming RyuseiOh and Buster Hercules becoming Live Robo, they overwhelmed the invasion although more came. Ace flew up to stop it and Omega followed but was destroyed by its Buster Slash, skyrocketing into the portal and exploding, destroying both although Enter survived. Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie

The second and final MegaZord Omega was resting in Hyper Space when the Go-Busters forced it through into our world in order to learn of a way to save Masato from his eventual death. It was confronted by Go-BusterOh and Buster Hercules but it blasted them back. Overwhelmed, they were pushed back into the country and overwhelmed so they had to lure it into a trap. Said trap was sprung when Buster Hercules came in from behind and hit it with the its crane arm hard enough to make it fall into a hangar. Takeshi Kuroki remotely sealed the hangar doors shut once the MegaZords got inside but the it were too cramped to attack although Omega could use an eye beam. In spite of this, they were able to push back Omegadrone with the Boost Buster Sword and the Buster Hercules' cannons although it used its tentacles to start destroying the hangar. With the hangar collapsing around them, MegaZord Omega blasted the two MegaZords back but Go-BusterOh grabbed it. With most of the MegaZord's systems failing and teleportation unlikely due to the damage, Hiromu summoned the LT-06 to help which arrived in its Tategami LiOh form and all three MegaZords were able to push MegaZord Omega back. However, they soon ran out of time and were pulled into Hyper Space. Mission 49: Preparation and Selection

It later returned when the Go-Busters revealed that they had destroyed his back-up cards, meaning that any death here would be permanent. From there, Enter intended to have MegaZord Omega assimilate every Enetron Tank in the city. It easily defeated Great Go-Buster and was about to finish them off when LT-06 arrived and allowed them to get free. It quickly threw off LT-06 and shot it but the Go-Busters went out of Great Go-Buster and formed Buster Hercules and Go-Buster LiOh with Ace fighting by itself. The MegaZord easily overwhelmed the other three with its fists and firepower but Hiromu turned the tide by energising itself with Enetron and delivering an absolutely devastating stab right through MegaZord Omega's chest. With the MegaZord crippled, Buster Hercules and Go-Buster LiOh are able to finish this MegaZord off once and for all with a combination of the Hercules Crisis and Ignition Tornado finishers. Although Enter managed to survive, he soon met his end at the hands of the Go-Busters. Final Mission: Eternal Bonds

Powers and Abilities

  • Power: As mentioned by Enter, this is his "perfect MegaZord" which means it is likely the most powerful, even stronger than the Epsilon, Delta, or Gamma models..
  • Strength: Megazord Omega was able to stop a massive stab from Great Go-Buster with one hand and, when fighting all three MegaZords at once, two punches and a downward swing mixed with a headbutt knocked back both Ace and Buster Hercules.
  • Durability: The second MegaZord Omega was hit hard by Buster Hercules' crane arm and fell into a hangar onto concrete but it was still able to fight.
  • Eye Laser: MegaZord Omega can fire a powerful red-pink laser from its right eye.
  • Cannons: All over Megazord Omega's body are holes which contain massive cannons which can fire with enough force to knock Buster Hercules and later Great Go-Buster back quite a way.
    • Spear Blasts: These same cannons were able to fire massive spear like weapons capable of pinning Great Go-Buster against a rock wall.
  • Portal Generation: The first MegaZord Alpha was able to generate a large crimson portal in the sky over it to summon MegaZords to aid it.
  • Charge Blast: MegaZord Omega can charge energy into the red light on its chest to generate a large orange energy ball that would then fire a devastating purple beam. This was its strongest attack as it took down all four Megazords with one hit.
    • Omega Blast: The second Megazord Omega can charge up its chest and fire a massive purple-blueish beam from it. This is an upgraded form of its Charge Blast. Due to the nature of this attack, and causing massive explosions when it landed, this is likely its most powerful attack although Ace managed to dodge it.


  • Vice Hands: Instead of regular human hands, MegaZord Omega has large vice like hands to grip onto and smash other Megazords with. They were strong enough to stop a massive slash from Ace's Buster Swords.
    • Energy Blasts: As seen when it threw LT-06 in Animal Form off of it, the 2nd MegaZord Omega can fire white energy blasts from its vice hand fingertips.
    • Charge Blast: MegaZord Omega can charge its fist up with red energy to presumably fire a red energy blast that would have finished off Go-Buster Oh had it not intervened.
  • Fists: The 2nd version of MegaZord Omega had fists instead of vice-like hands..
    • Tentacles: MegaZord Omega can sprout powerful tentacles from its hand capable of destroying the hangar it became trapped in.


  • The 2nd iteration of MegaZord Omega is the final (Vaglass) MegaZord to appear in both the series and the entire Super Sentai franchise.
  • The term Megazord of course comes from Power Rangers Megazord Omega is a reverse of the Omega Megazord from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, which is the counterpart of Victory Mars from Kyukyu Sentai GoGo-V.
  • In the Power Rargers version Evox (Messiah's counterpart) piloted the Omegadrone instand of Robo-Blaze (Enter's counterpart).
    • In contrast, Omegadrone self-destructed to try and kill the Beast Morphers Rangers whereas MegaZord Omega was actually destroyed by the Go-Busters.
      • They also shied away from adapting the original version of the MegaZord as well as it's final fight, due to not adapting the team-up for the former and not wanting to focus on the Zord fight itself for the latter. Only part of the fight in the team-up and Mission 49's battle were used with a US shot being used for it's self-detonation.



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