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""Go-Busters! Ma puce... If I destroy all of you, then I won't need that back-up!""
―Enter unveiling MegaZord Omega 2 after the Go-Busters revealed that his back-up was destroyed and that his trump card (Masato Jin's data) no longer mattered.[src]

MegaZord Omega (メガゾードω, Megazōdo Omega) is the seventh and final Vaglass MegaZord archetype in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, piloted by Enter. The first MegaZord Omega appeared during the events of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie.

Enter later created a second MegaZord Omega by assimilating an Enetron Tank and most of the humans residing in it. He described it as "my perfect MegaZord." From there, Enter intended to have MegaZord Omega assimilate every Enetron Tank in the city. It easily defeated Great Go-Buster and was about to finish them off when LT-06 arrived and allowed them to get free. It quickly threw off LT-06 and shot it but the Go-Busters went out of Great Go-Buster and formed Buster Hercules and Go-Buster LiOh with CB-01 Ace fighting by itself. The MegaZord easily overwhelmed the other three with its fists and firepower but Hiromu turned the tide by energising itself with Enetron and delivering an absolutely devastating stab right through MegaZord Omega's chest. With the MegaZord crippled, Buster Hercules and Go-Buster LiOh are able to finish this MegaZord off once and for all with a combination of the Hercules Crisis and Ignition Tornado finishers. However, Enter managed to survive although he soon met his end at the hands of the Go-Busters.

Powers and Abilities

  • Power-As mentioned by Enter, this is his "perfect MegaZord" which means it is likely the most powerful, even stronger than the Epsilon, Delta, or Gamma models..
  • Strength-- Megazord Omega was able to stop a massive stab from Great Go-Buster with one hand and, when fighting all three MegaZords at once, two punches and a downward swing mixed with a headbutt knocked back both Ace and Buster Hercules.
  • Durability-MegaZord Omega received a mauling from Tategami Lion and wasn't even fazed by the force of the pounce, let alone the very violent mauling it subsequently gave him.
  • Cannons-All over Megazord Omega's body are holes which contain massive cannons which can fire with enough force to knock Great Go-Buster back quite a way.
    • Spear Blasts-These same cannons were able to fire massive spear like weapons capable of pinning Great Go-Buster against a rock wall.
  • Omega Blast-Megazord Omega can charge up it's chest and fire a massive purple-blueish beam from it. Due to the nature of this attack, and causing massive explosions when it landed, this is likely it's most powerful attack although Ace managed to dodge it.


  • Vice Hands-Instead of regular human hands, MegaZord Omega has large vice like hands to grip onto and smash other Megazords with. They were strong enough to stop a massive slash from Ace's Buster Swords.
    • Energy Blasts-As seen when it threw LT-06 in Animal Form off of it, MegaZord Omega can fire white energy blasts from it's vice hand fingertips.





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