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"I'm honored to receive your orders, Mother."
―Medoumedou's first words when being summoned by Iliess for the first time.[src]

Medoumedou (メドウメドウ Medōmedō, 2, 23 & 24) is a Majin of the Space Pirates Balban and First minion under her mother Spectral Empress Iliess.

Character History

A gorgon-themed Majin who is able to disguise herself as Budoh. She briefly calls Iliess "mother", thus making her Illiess' daughter. She was one of the Majin who was there when BullBlack's brother was killed. When Iliess becomes impatient, while waiting for her chance to become general, she sends Medoumedou to pose as Budoh to trick Dotomusha into using the Lights of Ginga, thus setting up Budoh as a traitor.

Medoumedou (disguised as Budoh) "rewards" him with a beaded snake bracelet. When the Barban sees Budoh's Majin using the Lights instead of bringing them back, Zahab accuses Budoh of treason and has him locked up. With her task complete, Medoumedou tries to use the snake bracelet to siphon the Lights from Dotomusha, in order to bring them to Iliess, but she is wounded by BullBlack and is forced to flee the battle. Budoh eventually kills her in a private, one-on-one battle when he learns that she framed him.

She is later revealed to have a sister, Merudameruda.


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Powers and Abilities


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  • In battle, specifically her battle with Budoh, she wielded a whip. Her main ability is the ability to transform into another in order to deceive them, as she does with Budoh.

Behind the Scenes



Concept Art


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  • Medoumedou is one of two monsters in Gingaman not to grow giant.
  • When Illiess absorbs the spirits of all her Majin, Medoumedou is not seen as one of them. This is due to her costume being recycled for Merudameruda.


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