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Media Magician

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Character History

Media Magician (メディア魔術師 Media Majutsushi, 33): A Gorma in the service of Lieutenant Colonel Gara, he posed as a photographer named Shouichirou Takamura (高村翔一郎 Takamura Shōichirō). He was supposed to steal Rin's soul while she was vainly letting him take millions of photographs of her. But when he found out she did so really because she loved him, he went on a pinwheel of shock, for he fell in love with her. He saved her from himself, and then was mortally injured protecting her from Gara. And he said to Rin before he died that he wished to be reborn as a human, so he could see her smiling face once again. Gara used his lifeless body as a giant puppet, which was vanished by Dairen'oh.


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The voice for Media Magician and the actor portraying his human form was Ryousuke Kaizu who also played Takeru/Red Mask in Maskman.

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