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"Don’t think you’ve won. My ultimate trick awaits at the very end! Behold! This is the ultimate creation of pure science, Mechannon!"
Hong Kong Media King Yang unveling Mechannon.[src]

Mechannon (銘観音/メカンノン Mekannon) was Mechung Fu Spider-Fist (銘功夫スパイダー拳 Mekanfū Supaida-ken), the Giant Robo of Hong Kong Media King Yang that appeared exclusively in Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Nei-Nei! Hou-Hou! Hong Kong Decisive Battle.


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Yang apparently created Mechannon by himself with Miranda's help should his scheme go wrong. Yang kept it stored within a giant Kannon statue where it was plainly visible for the whole world to see. The statue that Mechannon is hidden within it the first thing the Gekirangers find when they arrive in Hong Kong as they arrive right in front of it. However, it didn’t come into play until it is unveiled from inside the statue after the Gekirangers supposedly kill Yang with their Geki Waza Power Jab but he survived and teleports into it. Taking command, he uses it to fly into the city and decides to use its raw power to conquer the world instead of his own power which has proven inadequate. The Gekirangers summon GekiTohja and jump kick Mechannon back as Rio and Mele watch on and ponder whether to return to Japan or help. The two mecha start wrestling but Mechannon almost immediately gets the upper-hand with its extra arms and force it back before crushing it with its arms. It then starts comically slamming GekiTohja up and down into the ground with significant force before tossing it down with enough force to completely take it out of the battle.

Unfortunately for Yang, his follow-up comment about JyuKen being useless riles up Rio and Mele enough for them to join the battle if only to show the power of JyuKen to an arrogant idiot like Yang. As Mechannon stamps on GekiTohja and prepares to finish it off, RinLion and RinChameleon arrive and knock it back with energy blasts and tongue lashes. Together, they form GekiRinTohja using the Goetsu Doushuu teqnique which allows their Spirits to combine although they are typically enemies. Yang is astounded to see them working in unison which allows GekiRinTohja to deliver a beatdown to Mechannon with its sword until the mech manages to knock it back with a strike from its arm. However, Mele restrains it with RinChameleon’s tonque whilst Rio blasts it as it breaks free. Overpowered, Yang decides to drain all of the Qi of the inhabitants of Hong Kong and become all powerful so it jumps up and ascends a skyscraper. However, GekiRinTohja follows and they reach the opposite rooftop at the same time so Yang activates Mechannon’s signature move, the Mechan Violent Wind Slash, but GekiRinTohja jumps up too and finishes off Mechannon with it’s Fierce-Fierce Opposing-Opposing Slash. The single attack tore Mechannon apart at the seams and Yang arrogantly claimed that he would not die because of his power. However, Mechannon exploded in mid-air, taking Yang down along with it.

Powers and Abilities


  • Power: Mechannon was the most powerful opponent that the Gekirangers or even Rio and Mele had faced up until that point, easily defeating and crippling GekiTohja and forcing the Gekirangers and Rinjuken to work together in order to stop it.
  • Strength: Mechannon could wrap its arms around GekiTohja and walk forward with enough force to push it back. At full strength, it was able to wrap its arms around GekiTohja’s neck and slam it up and down into the ground.
    • Arm Crush: Mechannon was strong enough to wrap its arms around GekiTouhja and deal heavy damage by crushing its torso.
  • Durability: Mechannon was barely fazed by a jump kick from GekiTouhja as well as then shrug off several punches to its middle from the Giant Robo. Even multiple energy blasts and tongue strikes from the RinBeasts just knocked it back.
  • Voice Projection: Mechannon was able to project a distorted version of Yang’s voice from itself.
  • Flight: Mechannon was able to fly by utilizing rocket boosters near its backside to project itself into the air.
  • Mekkan Otoshi: Yang was able to channel his energy through Mechannon to let it throw GekiTohja through several buildings and cripple it.
  • Mekkan Drop: Mechannon’s finishing attack which could have destroyed GekiTohja where it spread its arms in and out four times. What would happen past that remains unclear as RinLion and RinChameleon intervened before it could finish.
  • Enhanced Leaping: Mechannon was able to jump onto the side of a skyscraper with a single bound.
  • Mechan Violent Wind Slash: Mechannon's most powerful attack where it jumped off of the top of a building and seemed to jump kick before spinning upright and striking the enemy with a powerful yellow energy slash from it’s right pincer. However, it was useless against GekiRinTohja.


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  • Arms: Mechannon possessed six arms on it's body that enable it to maul its enemies with intense ferocity.
    • Arm Blades: Each of Mechannon' arms were tipped with razor sharp blades to slash its enemies with.
      • Building Climbing: Using its arm blades to dig into a building, Mechacannon could assail the side of a building.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Mechannon's design is based on a spider and Bodhisattva.

Concept Art


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