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"Sir! Oh great and mighty King Boccowaus... Only a single world remains to contain within a Tojigear until we've subjugated them all. Yes."
―Mechanic Officer Ijirude's first words when Great King Boccowaus demanded a status report.[src]

Mechanic Officer Ijirude (技官イジルデ Kikan Ijirude) is a villain who serves the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo as their resident genius.

Character History

Ijirude joined the Tojitendo and became third in command of the Tojitendo (second only to field general Mobile Commander Barashitara and the Tojitendo's ruler Great King Boccowaus). It was Ijirude that discovered how to seal entire worlds inside of devices dubbed Tojiru Gears to allow Boccowaus to rule over all of existence. He was also the one to discover that he could infuse the Kudakks (the Tojitendo footsoldiers) with Tojiru Gears to turn them into special monsters dubbed World Monsters to convert entire dimensions to their rule.


As part of Great King Boccowaus' grand plan, Barashitara and Ijirude (the Tojitendo's resident genius) begin consuming the various worlds and trapping them inside Tojiru Gears. ^These include those of the Zyurangers (in the midst of their battle against Dora Goblin) and the Kiramagers (as Juru fights Galza). Ijirude is first seen with Barashitara as Boccowaus ask for a field report and he reveals that a single world remains out of their grasp before they have absolute control over the multi-verse. When Boccowaus is less than impressed since he had three months to conquer this world and has achieved nothing, he tries to explain himself only for Vroon (the janitor) to pipe up and for Ijirude to have to blast him down. With that small matter dealt with, Boccowaus tells him to find and eliminate the anomaly causing this disruption in thier plans. However, Boccowaus' pet bird Gege suggests that they should invade this world. However, the plan ultimately fails due to the intervention of Juran the Kikaitopian and Kaito Goshikida who found the Zenkaigers and deal the Tojitendo their first defeat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-No. 1-kai! The World of Kikai is Kikikaikai!

Ijirude continues his project even as Boccowaus and Barashitara discuss the disgrace of using Garbage World to create Garbagetopia since Boccowaus considers it a personal insult. They mention his absence but nothing comes of it. Tvicon.png TV STORY- No. 6-kai! Unpleasant and Mysterious Garbage Handling!

Ijirude (having taken a break from his mysterious project) attends a meeting where Barashitara is disgusted when a Kudakk sent to Earth to attack the Earth with a Kudaiter returns as the sole. However, when a Tojiru Gear falls down after Boccowaus pounds the ground, Gege suggests punishing the Kudakk by infusing it with the power. Boccowaus agrees and Ijirude inserts it into the Kudakk which creates Super Warumono World who is later destroyed by the Zenkaigers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger The Movie: Red Battle! All Sentai Rally!!

Ijirude’s special project is revealed to be an evil copy of the Geartlingers dubbed the Geartozinger with the same capabilities. He reveals this to Boccowaus as Stacy confronts the Zenkaigers with said weapon much to his majesty’s surprise but also admirance. Later on, after Stacy henshins, Barashitara confronts Ijirude and he reveals his motives for using Stacy. As it turns out, Stacy is being used as little more than an experimental guinea pig since he needs to test it on a human first due to the similarities between Stacaesar and Zenkaizer. Even so, Stacy later has to withdraw due to overusing his Sentai Gears. Tvicon.png TV STORY-No. 7-kai! The Prince of the Demon World is Short-Tempered!

Ijirude is confronted by Boccowaus when Stacy’s tactic of summoning many primary Robos from Super Sentai history fails as they cease to exist. Ijirude realizes that using too many Gears at once has completely drained the Geartzoinger of all of its power so it needs to recharge. Tvicon.png TV STORY-No. 8-kai! Door to Door from Another World?!


Mechanic Officer Ijirude has a personality akin to Spell-Master Pierre from GoGoV or Pleprechaun from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger; mischievous, cunning, psychopathic but also calculating. He acts as a schemer constantly thinking of new ideas and strategies to try and sabotage or kill the Zenkaigers.

Powers and Abilities


  • Monster Creation: Ijirude could create World or Great World monsters by infusing a Kudakk or Kudaitest with a Tojiru Gear.
  • Teleportation: Ijirude could teleport to any location at will.
  • Kudaitest Summoning: Ijirude could summon a Kudaitest to become a Great World.
  • Finger Lasers: Ijirude could release small light blue laser beams from his fingertips.
  • Equilibrium-Ijirude was able to land upright after Boccowaus slammed his fist down hard during thier introductory scene.


  • Super Genius-Ijirude was an incredibly intelligent being, proving to be exceedingly good at creating things such as the Tojiru Gears and then finding a practical application in the form of the World monsters.
  • Skilled Inventor: Ijirude was a skilled inventor, being able to create many inventions and gadgets, such as the Geartozinger for Stacy. He was also capable of replicating and altering existing technology, such as creating the Dark Sentai Gears.


  • Loud Sounds: Ijirude is unable to withstand the loud sounds.


  • Ijikku Hand (イジックハンド Ijikku Hando): Ijirude wielded a reacher-like staff in combat.
    • Electric Discharge: Ijirude can release purple electricity from his staff strong enough to take down at least three Zenkaigers with one hit.
      • Force Lightning-Ijirude's lightning also acted as a physical force and not just an explosive one, knocking Vroon off his feet when he interrupted Boccowaus' confrontation.

World Monsters

Behind the Scenes



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  • His name was derived from "tinkering" (いじる Ijiru) in Japan.


  • Since Zenkaiger was the 45th Super Sentai series, Barashitara has a number of references in both his design and nature.
  • Despite his plagiarism of the Zenryoku Zenkai Cannon from Isao Goshikida's memory, his lack of awareness of the weapon's Zenryoku Eagle mode or Zenryoku ZenkaiOh combination implied that Ijirude never took the time to fully understand the device's actual ability, which becomes his undoing when said weapon fell into Zenkaigers' possession.



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