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Mechanic Monger (メカメカモンガー Mekameka Mongā, 43) is a computer-theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Mechanic Monger is created as part of a scheme to reduce the intelligence of humanity through the invention of a device that knows the answer to any question asked of it, mainly with the Monger itself giving the answers through its computer networks and knowledge. It is initially used to help a boy terrible at studying and tests who suddenly becomes an ace in all of his classes, inspiring other children to likewise get this device for themselves. Sun Vulcan realizes the suspicion of the device and realize Black Magma is behind it; using the device themselves, they appear to track down the van but Mechanic Monger gets away with Black Magma putting up a barrier so that its location will be the only answer that cannot be given by that device. Eventually tracking down the van with their own methods, the team summons Jaguar Vulcan to destroy the barrier and force Mechanic Monger out into combat. The Monger proves to be too much for Sun Vulcan due to its strategy ability, forcing them to use "Animal Attack" to make themselves appear more like their animal counterparts and thus making the Monger lose its mind long enough to finally be taken down by the Vulcan Ball. After activating its Expansion Program, its dealt with quickly by Sun Vulcan Robo.


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His main ability is his computer mind which has the ability to know anything that is required of him and research anything that is required. He likewise uses his mind to develop strategies for dealing with any threat against him including Sun Vulcan. As physical weapons he uses number-like bombs and a clubbed staff.

Behind the Scenes


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