This article is about a/an villain/henchmen in Choudenshi Bioman.

Mechaclone No. 1 (メカクローン1号 Mekakurōn Ichigō) - The first Mecha Clone ever constructed by Doctor Man. Although many of his mechanical components had already deteriorated by the time he first appears, resulting in his demotion to a janitor in the Neograd base, he still harbors a strong sense of loyalty towards Doctor Man. When Doctor Man was supposedly assassinated by the Big Three, he joins forces with the Bioman team to avenge his creator's death.

He was programmed with the ability to go to a certain location to activate a secret weapon to avenge Doctor Man should the Gear leader fall based on the actions of the Big Three. When he is discovered by Bioman, they decide to assist him in reaching this destination seeing sympathy of the losing of his master and the Big Three's treachery. However, upon reaching the location, the activation merely activated a trap that was meant to capture Bioman due to Doctor Man knowing that the team would likely assist the rusty Mechaclone and thus use it to defeat them as well as his defective forces. Mechaclone #1 becomes captured instead of Shirou Gou and is instantly destroyed from the effects of Doctor Man's device, which was connected to his Octopus Canth.

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