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Miki is a Mecha Human devised by Doctor Man and Neo Empire Gear who unknowingly controls Satan Megas; she likewise becomes central to the experiments of Professor Shibata

Character History

Miki was created by Doctor Man to further his own experiments of creating a Mecha Human who doesn't even realize they are a Mecha Human which can continue to help his cause. Creating her in the form of a female high school student, her purpose is to merely live her life unknowing that she possessed within her the controls for Gear's Neo Mecha Gigan known as Satan Megas, with the programming inside her created to allow for the machine to keep repairing and fixing itself every time it is destroyed by Bio Robo. Due to her mechanical nature, she is quickly discovered by Shuichi Kageyama, who realizes that she is a work of his father Nobuo (the true identity of Doctor Man) and decides to take her to see the mysterious Professor Shibata, whom he decided to work with in hopes of figuring out how to defeat the evil scientist. Seeing the fragility of Miki's emotions and Doctor Man's desires to remove them from her, Shibata installs into Miki a "Conscience Circuit", which allows for her to keep her emotions and human-like behavior and thus prevent her from fully falling into the hands of Doctor Man once again.

However due to her importance to Doctor Man's plans and Bioman's need to disable her in order to stop Satan Megas, Miki becomes targeted on all sides with only Shuichi and Shibata protecting her from being used as a weapon or a key to stopping Gear's threat. When Gear tries to use Satan Megas again to crush Bioman, Miki decides to use her own mentality to stop it, praying to the mecha that she was connected to in order to stop its attack, ultimately freezing Satan Megas in place and proving she could control the Neo Mecha Gigan with the Conscience Circuit just like it needed her for its immortality!

Angered by Miki's ability to control Satan Megas, Big Three member Mason directly takes over full control of the Neo Mecha Gigan, overriding Miki's control while still allowing for her repair ability to remain active. Seeing herself as having no other options in order to stop the machine, Miki decides to sacrifice herself, even against Shuichi's pleading not to, in order to use the full power of the Conscience Circuit to pacify the Neo Mecha Gigan. Throwing herself into Satan Megas, she stuns the machine with her Conscience Circuit to stop its movement and attack long enough for Bio Robo to destroy it, likewise sacrificing the girl robot in the process.


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Behind the Scenes

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