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McScary Manor is the eleventh episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury. It features the debut appearance of the Blazing Dino Key and Blazing Battle Armor. It also marks the debut of the Dimetro Blazing Zord and T-Rex Blazing Megazord.


Amelia investigates a haunted house against Pop-Pop's wishes. When the "ghost" puts Amelia in jeopardy, she discovers the reason for her grandfather's overprotective attitude.


Pop-Pop is at McClary Manor fixing up a piping system, but he is spooked by the atmosphere of the Manor. Suddenly, Pop-Pop hears some moaning from the inside and runs away in a panic, believing it came from a ghost.

At BuzzBlast, Javi pitches Amelia some leads from Jane to cover, but she rejects all of them. Amelia even gets upset when Javi makes up a ghost pirate story to perk up her interest. Pop-Pop appears as Jane called him for repairs on the air conditioner, but his messy look concerns Amelia. Pop-Pop explains that he was at McClary Manor and scared away from a ghost. An excited Amelia wants to go and see the ghost, but Pop-Pop forbids her from going there before meeting up with Jane. Still, Amelia wants to see the ghost to prove to everyone, especially Ollie, that ghosts exist. She finds the keys to the Manor on her desk as Pop-Pop left them behind and heads out.

Amelia reaches the Manor and arms herself with her Spook Snare. She hears the moaning and hides but is disappointed that it was a Sporix Beast, not a ghost. Amelia calls Zayto and lets him know, but Tombtress confronts her and ties her up with bandages. Amelia gets out of the Manor and manages to handle herself against Tombtress, even with her arms tied up. However, Tombtress knocks her down before the other Rangers arrive to help Amelia. Izzy cuts the bandages off Amelia, but Tombtress reveals her Mood Blast attack by firing at Javi. This causes Javi to become over-emotional and sob over little things. The Rangers morph, but Javi is too upset to fight after they pose, leaving the four other Rangers to fight against Tombtress. Tombtress fires another Mood Blast at Amelia during the fight, amplifying her anger as she lashes out at Ollie. Mucus arrives and chews out Tombtress for not following Void Knight’s orders. They teleport away as Javi and Amelia go back to work even in their affected states.

Back at BuzzBlast, Javi calms down with some hot chocolate, but Amelia is still upset from the battle and that there was no ghost. Pop-Pop asks her about the key to McClary Manor, and Amelia tells him that she took them to see the Manor. Pop-Pop is upset that Amelia defied his concerns, but she rudely tells him to stop treating her like a child. Pop-Pop storms out to find the missing keys, just as the others arrive. Zayto says they cannot find Tombtress, and Izzy asks Amelia why the Sporix Beast was at the Manor. Amelia believes Tombtress was looking for something but realizes that Pop-Pop could be in danger should the latter go back to the Manor. Javi reveals that he found the Manor keys during the fight, and Amelia takes them so she could return them to Pop-Pop. However, Zayto warns Amelia that she would inadvertently reveal that Javi is a Power Ranger if she gives them back to Pop-Pop. So, Amelia comes up with a plan to get around it.

At Area 62, Mucus and Tombtress tell Void Knight that they could not find the item at McClary Manor, thanks to Amelia. Tombtress argues that her ability to sense missing items never failed her, but Void Knight orders her to find it and bring it back. However, Mucus reveals what Tombtress’ Mood Blast did to Javi and Amelia, leading Void Knight to call Tombtress to take out the Rangers first.

Back at McClary Manor, Pop-Pop searches for the keys to no avail but manages to find a bright object in the crawlspace. He pulls out an orange Dino Key just as a morphed Amelia appears. Deepening her voice, Amelia gives Pop-Pop the keys and notices the Dino Fury Key in his hands. Pop-Pop gives her the Key as it was essential to the Rangers and thanks Amelia for protecting his granddaughter, unaware that he was talking to her. Pop-Pop explains that Amelia’s parents mysteriously disappeared when she was a baby, and he made a promise to look after her no matter what. It was also why Amelia got so fascinated by paranormal activity as she hopes it would be the answer to finding them. Touched by that, Amelia tells Pop-Pop that despite his overprotectiveness, she still loves him. Suddenly, Amelia gets a call from Solon and races out of the Manor.

The four other Rangers confront Tombtress and the Hengemen under the bridge, but Izzy gets hit by the Mood Blast. This makes Izzy a scaredy-cat as Tombtress ties them up with her bandages. After Ollie and Zayto free them, Izzy runs off as Javi follows her. Tombtress fires at Zayto and Ollie just as Amelia teleports in. Ollie becomes overly friendly, and Zayto becomes lazy and unmotivated. With only Amelia left to fight, she pulls out the Orange Dino Key, which was the object Tombtress was looking for. Amelia places the Blazing Dino Key into her Chromafury Saber and activates the Blazing Battle Armor. With it, Amelia’s attacks are amplified with fire, and she manages to overpower Tombtress, who grows giant in response.

With three of the Rangers emotionally compromised, a bored Zayto gives Amelia his Red Power Key. Amelia calls for the T-Rex Champion Zord, but just before she could activate Battle Mode, a new Zord appears. Solon introduces Amelia to the Dimetro Blazing Zord, explaining that it activated upon using the Blazing Dino Key. With the two Zords in hand, Amelia combines them into the T-Rex Blazing Megazord. Even with the five Rangers in the cockpit, Amelia and Javi are the only ones able to pilot the Megazord. Despite that, the new Megazord configuration manages to best Tombtress as they defeat her with the Blazing Mega Strike.

Back at BuzzBlast, Pop-Pop fixes Jane’s air conditioner, only to find that he made the air current too strong and the heater too hot. Amelia apologizes to Pop-Pop for her attitude earlier and for taking the keys. Amelia thanks Pop-Pop for being there for her, and he promises that he will always protect her as he feels her parents will be proud of her. Then, Jane comes out of her office freezing and tells Pop-Pop that she will not pay him unless he beats her in a snowball fight, before throwing a snowball at him.


Dino Fury Keys


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  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 6
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 6
  • As of this episode, Amelia becomes the first Ranger other than Zayto to use the Mega Fury Saber. Interestingly, she also uses the Blazing Battle Armor before anyone else, a power-up that her Sentai counterpart never used.
  • Oddly, Slyther does not appear in this episode, nor is he mentioned. This is possibly because he is simply recovering from the previous battle with the Rangers that wiped his memories.
  • It is unknown who collected Tombtress' Sporix first after she was defeated, because her Sporix egg is not visible on screen, and it was skipped being seen in this episode. However, it is later confirmed two episodes later that the Rangers took it when they appear in a hostage negotiation with six Sporix Beasts instead of five.
  • Solon does not appear in person during this episode.
  • Pop-Pop is addressed as "Mr. Jones" by Jane. Since that is also Amelia's surname, this means he is her paternal grandfather. This episode also reveals that her father used to work at Area 62.
  • Amelia's biological parents are confirmed to be missing within the show.

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