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Mazurka (マズルカ, Mazuruka): The first female field commander introduced. Not just a commander, Mazurka is also an accomplished spy and possesses disguise skills which she utilizes a lot to infiltrate the enemy. This, in a way, makes her some sort of dark counterpart to Goggle Pink, the Goggle V's disguise mistress.

Mazurka sacrifices herself to destroy both Goggle V and Deathgiller

In one of the final plans of Deathmark, Mazurka was showered by powerful Hightron energy which makes her invisible and undetected, but at cost of draining her life force. She used this new power to infiltrate the Future Science Laboratory and enabled the Deathdark to raid the base. However, Deathgiller revealed that Deathmark also planted a bomb in a recently given necklace, and she has fulfilled her mission, thus it's time for her to die from the drained life force. Refusing to die just like that, Mazurka seized the bomb's control and turned it on, destroying herself and the Future Science Laboratory in the process.Ep. 48: The Last Day of the Secret Base



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