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Mazuarta of the Music (ミューズィックのマズアータ Myūzikku no Mazuāta) is a Teckric Alien (トッケリク星人 Tokkeriku Seijin) who works for the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar.

Character History

Mazuarta considers himself as the universe's best music artist (and it didn't help Mons Drake himself liked it) though the sound he produces is painful to human ears, and more so to Gosei Angels of the Skick Tribe. With Buredoran as his manager, Mazuarta initially attacks the Goseiger but the team holds him off even as he gets away with Buredoran deciding to use his music to bring the world to its knees, setting up a special generator at a concert hall that emits the rock sound throughout the world. While the Goseiger have a hard time initially fighting him a second time, it is Eri's singing voice that finally becomes the means to stop the song, becoming powerful enough to destroy Buredoran's generator and stop the concert. The team then quickly deal with Mazuarta with the Gosei Buster.

After being defeated, Mazuarta is enlarged with the Goseiger giving it a brief music lesson before being destroyed by Gosei Great.



  • Marzuarta's most notable attack is the ability to play a loud rock-like tune by rubbing his abdomen like playing a guitar; this music is painful to the ears and especially painful to Skyick Tribe Gosei Angels, whose connection to the sky makes the music even more intense to deal with. Through his music, Mazuarta can control the Bibi Soldiers and make them do his bidding making it harder for the Goseiger to reach him. He also has two disks on top of his hands he uses for projectiles.

Behind the Scenes



  • Movie Reference: Mazuarta's name is from Mars Attacks! (マーズアタック! Māzu Atakku!).
    • Both his attacks and downfall refer to the weakness of the Martians in this film: the song "Indian Love Call" as performed by Slim Whitman.
  • Mazuarta is modeled after a cricket.
    • His home planet, "Teckric" (トッケリク) is "cricket" (クリケット) backwards.

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