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Mayumi Mimura (三村 まゆみ Mimura Mayumi) is the daughter of the late Professor Mimura.

Character History

Mayumi was traumatized after witnessing her father's death, having been shot down by the forces of Secret Society Egos. As a result, she rejected Kensaku Shiraishi when he attempted to check up on her; she accused him of being a murderer, since he was a soldier, and that she could smell blood on his hands. She could not distinguish that he fought to protect others, only that he killed as well, and so she ordered him to leave. In an attempt to cheer her up, Kensaku, leaving his Battle Cossack suit behind, took her on an outing to a dam. However, Mayumi was captured by Egos when Kensaku went to get drinks. Despite his lack of the Battle Suit, Kensaku set out to rescue her, which resulted in him being gunned down by Egos Cutmen. Soon after, Mayumi was recovered by Makoto Jin and the remaining Battle Fever Team. Kensaku, however, ultimately sucuumbed to his injuries and passed away, much to the anguish of Mayumi. Ep. 33: Cossack Dies for Love

Behind the scenes


Mayumi Mimura was portrayed by Mika Matsushita (松下 実加 Matsushita Mika).


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