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"Since before you were born, every monster out there in every dimension - from Rita Repulsa, to Sledge and Galvanax - they've all wanted to take the Rangers' power and rule the universe. And now that you've wrapped it up with a ribbon, some evil mind will try to take it again. And when they come, this place - Grid Battleforce - won't be able to stop them."
―Mayor Daniels explaining to Nate why he disagrees with the development of Morph-X

"Trust, Loyalty, Courage. Sure that's at the core of the good team, but the key to your team work is friendship. One week ago, that teamwork save our city. So as my first act as re-elected mayor, I couldn't be more proud to award each of you the Coral Harbor Medal of Valor."
―Mayor Daniels awarding the Beast Morphers Rangers the city's Medal of Valor

Mayor Adam Daniels is the current mayor of Coral Harbor and the father of Devon Daniels. At the end of Evox Upgraded, Adam appears to be infected by Evox’s virus for the reason that he got the mimic of him.


Mayor Daniels caught Devon on the park, still disappointment in his son on his inability to find proper jobs. But when Devon is de-morphed by Blaze during the battle, he was left in shock to discover that Devon is a Red Beast Morpher Ranger. He is unable to reach Devon before Blaze teleports the Morph-X towers away, with Devon caught in the teleport zone. Target: Tower

While the Rangers working on the Cybergate to extract Devon from the Cyber Dimension, Mayor Daniels storms into the basement, angry on why Commander Shaw didn't inform him that his son works on Grid Battleforce as a Power Ranger, until she reveals that her own son is also a Ranger. Using an untested cybergate built from the remains of Scrozzle's against the warning of Commander Shaw, he enters the Cyber Dimension to rescue Devon, and the two finally make up. Evox's plan to return to Earth in his new, powerful form is foiled and Evox seemingly destroyed, but Daniels notices a strange purple energy briefly surrounding his hand.  Evox: Upgraded

Following Evox's apparent defeat, Daniels has been traveling around the world, having some successes in convincing the rest of the world to create Morph X towers. Believe It or Not

Evox proves to have survived within Daniels, and is now in total control, able to perfectly impersonate him, using his influence and authority as mayor to further his plans. Save Our Shores Game On!


As the Mayor, Adam seems to be a fairly responsible and strict person. However, despite that, he cares for his son and wants him to be prepared for the professional world. His views on the use of Morph-X is stained by the past villainy of Rita Repulsa, Sledge, and Galvanax, who all attempted to take control of the Morphin Grid for the sake of ruling the multiverse. However that all changes when he learns of the development of a new team of Power Rangers.

Behind the Scenes


Mayor Daniels is portrayed by Kevin Copeland.


  • Mayor Daniels draws similarities with Colonel Mason Truman:
    • Both are the father to their respective series' Red Ranger.
    • Both are authority figures in their respective cities: Mayor Daniels is the mayor of Coral Harbor while Colonel Truman is the commanding officer in Corinth's military forces.
  • He also has similarities with Mr. Collins:
    • They are both the fathers to the Red Ranger' Devon Daniels Wesley Collins and Scott Truman
    • They are both wealthy people, Adam being the mayor and Collins being the owner of Bio-Lab.
    • They both see their sons as disappointments until they discover they are Power Rangers.
  • He's the latest father of a Ranger to discover or already know about his child's true identity. Unlike the others, he finds out near the end of the season. He's also one of those who learns the truth without becoming a Ranger himself and one of the few non-Ranger parents to immediately accept their children as Rangers.
  • He, Ben, and Betty also prove to be capable fighters as all three defeat Tronics with ease.
  • He shares his first name "Adam" with past Ranger Adam Park.
  • He was corrupted by Evox after the Season 1 of Beast Morphers was ended. This made Adam similar to Anton Mercer, the adopted father of White Ranger Trent Fernandez-Mercer who was also Mesogog’s host.
  • It is unknown how Mayor Daniels knows about Sledge, as Sledge is a villain from Power Rangers Dino Charge and that series occurs in a different universe.


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