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The Max Solarzord is the only zord of the Titanium Ranger in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. It has three modes:

  • a stylized bullet train (the 6th of the Rail Rescues)
  • an air-and-space vehicle
  • a Warrior Mode

It can also combine with the Lightspeed Megazord to become the Lightspeed Solarzord

When the Titanium Ranger temporarily left the team, the Max Solarzord was controlled via remote-control by the Battle Boosters by the other Rangers. The solar-panels on its body were its main source of power, which in turn meant the Zord was useless at night, although it was sometimes used when the sun was not shining. It was later destroyed during the battle with Super Demons Diabolico and Olympius.


Train Mode

This mode would be the first mode which Max Solarzord deploys as by default. Max Solarzord launches from its bay (which would rise up and latch onto the Rail Rescue bay's Rail Rescue 1 sub-bay) in this mode, racing across the ground on tracks. While in this mode, Max Solarzord would also be able to replace Rail Rescue 1 in the role of leading component in the Rail Rescues' link-up formation by connecting to Rail Rescue 1 as the formation's new frontal section (this assembly of the Rail Rescues' single file line-up as Max Solarzord being the new front is seen only when the Rail Rescues deploy into space).

Shuttle Mode

For this mode, the wings would unfold, allowing the Solarzord to take flight (and most often launch into orbit, as to charge its' power cells with solar radiation). The Rangers also took the Solarzord into space by itself to prevent spores from releasing poison into the atmosphere.

Shuttle Mode

Warrior Mode

Upon reentry from orbit, the Solarzord would frequently transform into its Warrior Mode, a nimble robot capable of power punches and kicks. It could fire energy blasts from a hand-held combination shield/blaster (mounted on the underside of the nose in vehicle mode) to destroy opponents.

Lightspeed Solarzord

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Max Victory Robo

The Lightspeed Megazord and Max Solarzord could combine into the Lightspeed Solarzord. In this form, the Max Solarzord splits into mulitple armor pieces that locked onto the Lightspeed Megazord; the chest and arms became the lower torso and hip cannons, the upper legs were gauntlets, the shield/blaster was a chestpiece, the legs became legs that increased the Megazord's height, the nosecone formed shoulder pads, and a helmet detached from somewhere inside the Max Solarzord. The Solarzord could absorb energy from the sun and most enemy attacks to charge its weapons. It could also use its thrusters to float and quickly manuever. The main weapons are two cannons mounted on the hips, which when fully charged can destroy almost anything; it was used in the Lightspeed Solarzord's final attack: an energy barrage from the head, chest and gauntlet cannons, and massive blasts from the hip cannons - a full-power barrage from every firing weapon in its arsenal.

It trades speed for immense power, like the Mega Dragonzord and Zeo Mega Battlezord. The Lightspeed Solarzord was destroyed in the battle against Diabolico and Olympius.

Max Solarzord with Rail Rescues

The Max Solarzord could also attach to the front of the Rail Rescues for space travel (often to act like a Carrierzord of the Omegazords).



  • As the Titanium Ranger is exclusive to Lightspeed Rescue, Max Solarzord's Sentai counterpart is an unpiloted mecha. The Max Solarzord's cockpit set was constructed by Saban for Lightspeed Rescue.

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