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"Max Change!"
―Transformation call[src]

The Transformation Dino Claw Max Ryusoul Changer (変身竜爪マックスリュウソウチェンジャー Henshin Ryūsō Makkusu Ryūsō Chenjā) is a hand-held claw weapon used by Ryusoul Red to power-up into Max Ryusoul Red.[1]


The Max Ryusoul Changer a hand-held red and silver claw-colored, black and metallic dark teal base-colored weapon while at the top of the base near the wide gold hexagon shield-shaped button shows a metallic green eyed T-Rex-like dragon faced Ryusoul that's has a metallic gold upper jaw and a metallic red lower jaw all on a black background.


When Nada died, his body and his Gaisoulg armor were turned into the Max Ryusoul Changer and the Max RyuSoul.


KSR-Max Ryusoul Changer.png

"Max Que bom!"
―Max RyuSoul insertion announcement[src]

"Max, Max! Max, Max!"
―Standby announcement[src]

"(triumphant tribal music) ~Oh! Max!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

To transform, Ryusoul Red inserts the Max RyuSoul into the slot on the device's right side and presses the gold button, causing the Max RyuSoul to unfold, flatten and fill the space behind the changer, initiating the transformation. The armor then generates much like the Gaisoulg armor and attaches to Ryusoul Red as he raises the changer. As demonstrated by Master Red, the user doesn't have to be transformed to use the Max Ryusoul Changer.

Special Attack

"Max Charge!"
―Attack standby announcement[src]

"Full Max!"
―Attack announcement[src]

"Buntei Giri!"
―Alternate attack announcement[src]

―RyuSoul insertion announcement[src]

―Finisher activation announcement w/ two RyuSouls[src]

"Ike Soul!"
―Finisher announcement w/ two RyuSouls[src]

―KyoRyuSoul insertion announcement[src]

―Finisher activation announcement w/ one RyuSoul and one KyoRyuSoul[src]

"Ike-ke Soul!"
―Finisher announcement w/ one RyuSoul and one KyoRyuSoul[src]

―Finisher activation announcement w/ two KyoRyuSouls[src]

"Super Ike Soul!"
―Finisher announcement w/ two KyoRyuSouls[src]

By bumping the side button on the Max Ryusoul Changer with the Ryusoul Ken's handle, Max Ryusoul Red generates flaming energy through both weapons and executes the Everlasting Dino Slash (エバーラスティングディノスラッシュ Ebārasutingu Dino Surasshu), a red energy slash with the Ryusoul Ken followed by a triple yellow energy slash with the Max Ryusoul Changer.

After inserting an Auxilary RyuSoul or KyoRyuSoul in one of the Changer's slots, Max Ryusoul Red slams it on the ground as the energy spreads through shockwaves until it reaches the target. Max Ryusoul Red can also fill both slots with any combination of (Kyo)RyuSouls to further incapacitate the enemy.

  • Attacks:
    • Omo + Hiehie: The Omo Soul hits the enemy with it's hammer weighing it down with gravity while the Hiehie Soul freezes the enemy in a block of ice.
    • Mist + Karu: The Mist Soul emits a cloud of mist while the Karu Soul makes the enemy float up a little.
    • Yawaraka + Mist: Both Souls shoot a beam on the ground softening it causing the enemy to sink into the ground.
    • MeraMera + Max Charge: By inserting the MeraMera Soul in the Max Ryusoul Changer, pressing the side button and striking the ground with the RyusoulKen, the sword emits fire striking the enemy with a powerful version of the Everlasting Dino Slash.

Finishing Strike

―Finisher activation announcement w/ Max RyuSoul[src]

"Max Ike Soul!"
―Finisher announcement w/ Max RyuSoul[src]

To finish an opponent with the Max RyuSoul, Max Ryusoul Red presses the central gold button, generating Gaisoulg's energy and combining it with his own for the Everlasting Claw, where Max Ryusoul Red does a corkscrew dive and pierces the opponent with the Max Ryusoul Changer. The technique has a weakness in that it cannot be used consecutively, and it leaves Max Ryusoul Red defenseless for a short while.


  • Unlike the other weapons in the Ryusoulgers' arsenal, the Max Ryusoul Changer accommodates two RyuSouls at once and does not draw power from the Kishiryu.


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