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Max Axe is Frax's creation before Doomtron and is grown to a giant by having its Mutant Seal Patch removed only to be destroyed by the Q-Rex's Max Blizzard.

Mutant Seal Patch Location-Unknown. Eric literally unleashed his Bizzard Slash finisher and then the robot immediately grew giant.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength-Max Axe is strong enough to go toe to toe with the Quantasarus Megazord and nearly defeated it.
  • Durability-Max Axe has thick armor that made it basically immune to Wes's Chrono Blaster, enabled him to be completely undamaged by Eric's Blizzard Slash, and when giant, was only knocked back by the Q-Rex Thunder Fist.
  • Power Enhancement-Max Axe has been empowered by a Trizirium Crystal which massively increases his power.
  • Lasers-Max Axe can point its antenna down, revealing them to be laser cannons, and fire blue lasers from them powerful enough to make two police cars crash and shake up the Megazord.
  • Enlarging: Despite being a robot, but also similarily to Tronicon, Max Axe can enlarge itself using its Seal Patch.


  • Hammer Arm-Contrary to his name, Max Axe has a massive hammer instead of his right hand to bash his enemies with.
  • Antenna Cannons: Max Axe has antenna-like cannons to fire his lasers.


  • It is unclear why Max Axe is called Max Axe since nothing about him has anything to do with axes.

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