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"All you do is eat, you slob. Show some respect for the stone."
―Matoombo to Hekatoid.[src]

"My name is Matoombo. I am gathering all of your electricity. When I have it all, I will return with a vengeance. My justice will be swift."
―Matoombo introducing himself to the people of Briawood and explaining his plan.[src]

Matoombo is a double bladed sword welding cotton ball-like titan and is one of the Ten Terrors, and one of the few that turned good. Matoombo was technically the sixth Terror to fight the Rangers. He serves as the supporting antagonist later anti-hero of the Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Character History

Matoombo first appeared in the twenty-fourth episode, when Necrolai found the cave of Ten Terrors. Matoombo appeared in front of her and called her a pathetic insect, rhetorically inquiring her purpose for coming to the Terrors' domain. Necrolai was amazed by his enormous height. When Necrolai told the Terrors about the recent defeat of the Master and Imperious's destruction. Terrors agreed to help conquer the surface world. They appeared on the surface, when sky turned dark, and told people of Briarwood to give them the Light, who is actually Nick Russell, the Red Ranger and the leader of Mystic Rangers. They easily defeated the Rangers and left. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Light

In the twenty-eighth episode, Sculpin choosed Matoombo and Gekkor to help him defeat Leanbow and return the Master, by using one of Sculpin's fish scales to track down Leanbow. When they found Leanbow with an armor of Koragg, Gekkor battled him. Gekkor fought Leanbow for a long time and didn't manage to defeat Leanbow even using his phenomenal speed, Sculpin then ordered Matoombo to defeat Leanbow. Gekkor didn't like it, as he thought Matoombo was far too soft, but Sculpin disagreed and he claimed Matoombo was indeed powerful and tough and not so soft as Gekkor. Matoombo faithfully obeyed Sculpin. Matoombo even bumbed into Gekkor, which Gekkor disliked. Matoombo told Leanbow that once he get rid of Wolf Knight, the Master will generously reward him. Leanbow told the Terror that he will not take him down, but Matoombo disagreed and said that he didn't doubt in Koragg's defeat. Koragg was ready for the battle and told the Terror that he will defeat him but the fight was uneasy. Matoombo battled Leanbow and overpowered the Wolf Knight, using his enormous physical strength. Matoombo ordered Leanbow to kneel before him. Leanbow continued fighting Matoombo, but still wasno match for the Titan Terror. Matoombo claimed that Leanbow wasn't so powerful as he expected. The Mystic didn't surrender and continued battling, telling the villains they will not obtain the Master. Leanbow continued fighting Matoombo and In the final of the battle, Matoombo shattered Koragg's shield. Matoombo called Koragg weak. Leanbow still didn't surrender and considered continuing the fight, but then Sculpin used his trident and extracted spirit of the Master from Leanbow's body. When Leanbow was "exorcised", Sculpin used his trident to create a fissure in the ground and sent Leanbow plummeting into it. Matoombo then returned with his comrades to the Underworld with a Master. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Light Source

In the thirtieth episode, Matoombo was chosen by the Stone to attack the surface world. Matoombo began his rampage on the surface world by collecting all the electricity in the area. He told the people of Briarwood that he would gather the electricity and prepare his vengeanc. Then he encountered the rangers and easily defeated both Titan Megazord and Solar Streak Megazord. However, he confused the Rangers when he said, "Stay out of my way, and I will not hurt anyone." After he disappeared, the Rangers split up to look for him. Vida noticed that Matoombo wasn't evil, as he said he wouldn't do evil to anyone. Rangers were confused, as Matoombo said that he wouldn't hurt anyone, but Xander wondered how Matoombo wanted to destroy the world and not harm anyone.

Matoombo then wondered about humans, why they're so happy and enjoy The life. Matoombo thought if the magic of humans is indeed so powerful. Matoombo saved the boy from the car and Matoombo was amazed by human kindnes. The first one to find him was Vida, who witnessed him save a boy. She pointed out that if he kept helping the Master, everyone would be killed. Xander arrived to fight him, but Vida stopped both of them and tried to convince him. Matoombo turned good and stopped his attack. However, Matoombo had been chosen to become the Master's vessel, and Gekkor soon came looking for him. Matoombo battled Gekkor, but Gekkor eventually overpowered him and wanted bring him to the Master, telling that Matoombo will be the vessel of the Master anyway. Vida grabbed Jenji and took him aboard the Solar Streak, protecting him as they looked for the Lake of Lament--where Matoombo could sleep and prevent the Master from controlling his body. Matoombo and Vida battled Gekkor in the forest, and even on the board of the Solar Streak.

Itassis sent Xander, the least likely person, to help Vida. They managed to trick Gekkor, and Matoombo made it to the lake but was combined with the Master by Sculpin before he could escape. Matoombo arrived on the Lake of Lament, and said that it was wonderful and he was glad to spend an eternity there. And he said that the Master will never be reborn. However, Sculpin ambushed Matoombo and killed him with his trident, saying that the Master will be reborn,and also laughing sinisterly. Matoombo's body was then horrifically mutated, hatched and was melted as the Master was reborn. Rangers watched it all in horror. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Return

After the Master was destroyed, Matoombo got his body back and became a DJ in-training along with Vida working with her at the Rock Porium, which causes a dance party in the place with a couple of kids. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mystic Fate


The personality of Matoombo is much more different than the other Terrors. Unlike other 8 male Terrors, Matoombo is kind-hearted, friendly and compassionate. Like Itassis, Matoombo is not interested in harming others unless it's necessary. Matoombo also has a kind and gentle heart; he will save the lives of children should they be in danger. He was shown to be a good friend of Vida. This makes him one of the two Terrors, alongside Itassis, and the only male Terror that turned to the side of Good.

Powers and Abilities


  • Size Changing: Like the other Terrors, Matoombo can change his size at will.
  • Energy Shield: Matoombo can produce an energy shield from his left hand, it is powerful enough to block the attacks from both the Titan Megazord and the Solar Streak Megazord.
  • Lightning Beam: Matoombo can fire yellow lightning beams from his hands.


  • Strength: Being one of the Ten Terrors, Matoombo is indeed strong capable do battle with Koragg and even get upper-hand, but he is still not powerful enough to best Koragg in battle.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat: In addition to his strength, Matoombo is also a skilled fighter.


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  • Double Bladed Sword: Matoombo is armed with a large two-bladed sword for melee combat, it is strong enough to break Koragg's shield and take down both the Titan Megazord and the Solar Streak Megazord with one swing.
    • Lightning Empowerment: Matoombo can also charge up his sword with yellow lightning for an increase in power. A single slash proved to be his strongest attack as it wiped out and dismantled the Solar Streak Megazord as well as the Titan Megazord.
    • Lightning Orb: Matoombo can summon a large ball of lightning from his sword that can absorb electricity from other places.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Matoombo's appearance is based on a Titan, a mythological creature that is a giant humanoid being, sometimes in armor to guard their home.
  • Matoombo is the only Terror to lack any eyes.
  • Matoombo dose not suffer the same fate as his Japanese counterpart Hades Warrior God Titan being killed off instead he is revived, It's never explain how Matoombo regain his body.


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