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"So, you are the maker of this music. From now on, you will serve only me and, in return, I will spare your life. I shall make you my minion. In the Netherworld, your music will serve a higher purpose than self pity. Ha ha ha ha!"
―Master Xandred’s first known words when meeting Dayu for the first time.[src]

"Red Ranger. You’ll regret ever trying to mess with my plans! You’re no match for me. Ha! Victory is mine! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
―Master Xandred when attacking the Shiba House.[src]

―Master Xandred when being sealed away by Mr. Shiba.[src]

"WE'VE FINALLY ESCAPED THE NETERWORLD!!! Now we'll show these humans what suffering really means! This world belongs to the Nighlok now!"
―Master Xandred after finally escaping the Netherworld.[src]

"This...can't...be...happening! Impossible! You haven't seen the last of me!!!"
―Master Xandred's final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"SAMURAI RANGERS! Now...your world...WILL END!!! Time to face my wrath!"
―Master Xandred when turning into a Mega-Monster.[src]

"Impossible! Samurai Rangers, hear me now! You have won this battle but our quest to rule your world will never end!!! You may have defeated me but the Nighlok will rise again!"
―Master Xandred's final words before his death.[src]

Master Xandred was the leader of the Nighloks and the main antagonist of both Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Super Samurai. He was the primary and foremost adversary of the Samurai Rangers as well as the archenemy of the current Red Samurai Ranger, Jayden Shiba.



Hundreds of years ago, the Nighlok existed as a major threat to Earth and were dangerous enough that an entire team of superheroes needed to be formed to combat them. Their goal was to invade Earth and fill it full of the Sanzu River so that they can exist there. At one point, they were led by Serrator the Nighlock King but he was overthrown by Master Xandred although they were implied to have never actually met.

It is unknown how may times Master Xandred attempted to enter Earth although he definitely managed to accomplish this during the time of Jayden's father's run as a Ranger. Mr. Shiba, leader of the 17th generation of the Shiba Clan, separated Jayden and his sister Lauren just so Lauren can master the Sealing Symbol while Jayden fills in as the 18th Generation's leader until she returns. During one battle against the Nighloks, which took place at least 12 years before the events of the first season, Xandred was defeated by the 17th generation of the Shiba Clan. Because Jayden's father managed to seal Xandred away using the Sealing Symbol. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Test of the Leader


Some 12 years later, Master Xandred returns after being sealed temporarily with the help of Octoroo sending Nighlok monsters to cause misery. Xandred states that it was a good thing that he defeated the Power Rangers but Octoroo reminds him that he was sealed by Jayden's father and the rangers are back causing him to get angry. He resumes command of the Nighloks and sends various Nighloks out to the human world to increase the levels of the Sanzu River. While each Nighlok sent (apart from Sharkjaw) are killed by the Rangers, they are mostly able to increase the river's levels by a bit to his pleasure. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Origins

Xandred's headaches continue to grow worse and Octoroo locks him inside for his own good much to his anger. After Octoroo remarks on how he needs to protect Xandred from other power-hungry Nighlok, Arachnitor convienently arrives and plots to steal Xandred's position. Xandred is visibly incensed by the traitorous Nighlok's presence but does not do much as he is recovering. After he recovers, he explodes into a fury, sending a rope of red beads to drag Arachnitor back into the Netherworld just as he had defeated four Rangers. Completely enraged at Arachnitor's continued attempts to overthrow him, Xandred overcharges him with his power, turning him into a mindless mutant and expels him from the Netherworld. While Octoroo was working with him against his will, Xandred did not punish him; instead, he was pleased with his initiative. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Tengen Gate

Discovering that Deker keeps on interfering in his plans, Xandred ordered Dayu to destroy Deker. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Boxed In Dayu does not accomplish her task, prompting Xandred to her by burning her harmonium, causing Dayu to leave out of disgust. After destroying the harmonium, his rage became unbearable that even his medicine isn't helping much. After a Furry Wart kept mentioning her name, Xandred threw it out into the human world.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Broken Dreams

Super Samurai

Master Xandred's situation worsens when he makes an alliance with the mysterious Serrator in order to merge their factions which should make it easier to take control of Earth. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Something Fishy

Master Xandred Returns

Later, Xandred learns of Serrator's treachery from Octoroo that enrages him to the point that he pre-emptively enters the human world to deal with the traitorous Nighlok himself. He easily disposes of the Rangers, although compared to the other Nighlok, Xandred began to dry out at an alarming rate despite Octoroo's concerns. Serrator flees after a brief scuffle and Xandred regains Dayu's loyalty by repairing her harmonium before Octoroo pushes him back into the Netherworld. Due to his prolonged exposure, Xandred was forced to lie at the bottom of the river to recover.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Master Returns

After Serrator is destroyed, Octoroo assumes temporary command and gives his second life to the might Gigertox to gather enough human fear to awaken Master Xandred. Although Gigertox is destroyed, he is able to gain enough fear to allow Xandred to recover from his comatose state.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Ultimate Duel

Running into a wounded Dayu, Master Xandred schemes after she reminds him she is half-human and absorbs her. He then faces the Samurai Rangers, while Lauren draws the sealing symbol. Despite his best effort to stop her, the symbol is completed and used but it doesn't manage to seal him as expected since Dayu's humanity has protected him from the symbol's power. No longer able to even dry out, Xandred plans his takeover of the human world and decimates the Power Rangers before leaving to amass his forces. When the Sanzu flood waters overflow due to the sudden influx of fear from his release, Xandred releases his army of Moogers to lay waste to Panorama City. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Sealing Symbol

Master Xandred's demise

The Samurai Rangers, now led once again by Jayden, take on and defeat the Moogers before facing Xandred. After significantly weakening him with Shiba Fire power, Jayden defeat him with the Shogun Mode armor. However, Xandred transforms into his Mega Monster form and the Rangers called on the Gigazord to fight him. As the Rangers attempted to get close enough to use a final blow filled with symbol power, Xandred blasted away the Zords one by one until only the Samurai Megazord remained, which managed to succeed and strike Xandred with a fatal blow using a fully charged Samurai Strike. However, Xandred unsuccessfully tried to take the Rangers with him by grabbing the Megazord by its face and boasting, before he was destroyed, that the Nighloks will rise again someday even with him gone. He is then consumed in a massive explosion, finally being destroyed for good and annihilating the Samurai Megazord in the process. After he is destroyed, the Sanzu River flood waters recede back into the Netherworld which take Octoroo with them. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Samurai Forever

Video Games Appearances

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Master Xandred as seen in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

Master Xandred is among the villains who feature in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.


Master Xandred was an extremely cruel, ruthless, sadistic, unpleasant, obstreperous, arrogant, blasphemous, wicked, reckless, barbarous, and quick to enrage. He is fanatically misanthropic, so he deeply despises humans and wants nothing more than to make them suffer. He was also prone to temperamental and aggressive outbursts, lashing out at enemy and ally alike, with violent and abusive results. He was very rash when angry, leaving the Sanzu to personally destroy Serrator for deceiving him even though he would dry out instantly. However, he could show some patience and respect to his servants that do their job of raising the level of the Sanzu River. He was dimwitted and easy to manipulate, especially because of his rage, but he is also very brutal, homicidal, brash, and aggressive, also especially when angered or in battle. Despite his venomous temper, he could have somewhat of a compassionate side, even if it is contrived, most notably shown when he kills Dayu and became half-human, he learns of her unrequited love for his nemesis Deker, and didn't seem to show anger or frustration upon hearing the truth. He then calmly tells her to "go to him" as he absorbs her. However, he soon ruined that humane part of him by saying she served her purpose when Octoroo asked him to say his goodbyes.

Powers and Abilities


  • Power: Being the leader of the Nighloks, Xandred was the strongest and most powerful villain in the entire Power Rangers Samurai series. in the final battle, it took the power of the Samurai Gigazord to battle him.
  • Mega Strength: Master Xandred possessed Herculean strength, able to toss and turn his ship with a single hit as well as send Jayden flying through the air and break his Spin Sword's blade in half, both with the same slash.
  • Durability: Master Xandred could withstand almost any attack thrown at him, having Jayden's Blazing Strike smash into his shoulder and him do little more than grunt. Even the Shiba Fire Power couldn't even make a scratch on him unless it hit his weak spot which was the only way to kill him.
  • Moogers Creation/Summoning: Master Xandred could create and summon both normal and giant sized Moogers at will.
  • Mutation: Master Xandred could mutate any Nighlok who betrays him if he wanted to.
  • Hypnotic Voice: Master Xandred was able to hypnotize an army of Moogers into attacking Jayden by using his voice.
  • Tentacle: Xandred could release a red tentacle to grab his opponents. Where he fired it from is unknown but it was used to ensnare Arachnitor and drag him back to the Netherworld.
  • Assimilation: Xandred was able to absorb Dayu into him to recharge and eliminate his Sanzu River weakness.
  • Gap Teleportation: Xandred coujld use gaps to teleport to the Netherworld.
  • Powerful Roar: Xandred could unleash a strong roar powerful enough to knock the Rangers off their feet.
  • Netherwind: Master Xandred could reach out his left hand and fire purple air from it at the enemy to push them back.
  • Fireballs: Master Xandred could shoot purple fireballs from his hands that seem to have a homing effect although Serrator dodged them all.
  • Symbol Bind: Master Xandred could generate a symbol in the air to bind his enemies.
  • Flames of the Netherworld: Master Xandred's most deadly attack and the most dangerous ever used by a Nighlok where he could blast his opponents with a massive ball of purple flames that has enough energy to wipe out the Rangers in an enormous explosion and demorph them all. However, he needed full power to fire it.
  • Reviving: Just like all other Nighloks, Master Xandred could revive himself after his death.  
    • Enlarging: Just like all other Nighloks, Master Xandred was also able to make himself grow after his death, turning into a Mega Monster.
  • Lightning Blasts: Master Xandred could fire gigantic blue lightning blasts from his hand. This sent the Gigazord careening backwards which ripped through several buildings and ripped some of the Zords off of it.


  • Super Speed: Master Xandred could move at blinding speed.
  • Skilled Fighter: In addition to his raw strength, Master Xandred was a skilled fighter who was able to easily battle and completely wipe the floor with all six Samurai Rangers in the final battle.


  • Sanzu River Reliance (formerly): Despite his immense strength, Xandred cannot be be away from the Sanzu River for far too long like all other Nighloks or he will dry out. This weakness was eliminated when he assimilated Dayu and her humanity.
  • Chest Patch: When Master Xandred absorbed Dayu, he developed a white patch on the left side of his chest that represents her humanity. This was also his weak spot as it lead to his death at the hands of Jayden during the final battle.


Xandred's Sword/Broadsword

  • Sword: At first, Xandred carried a thin sword in a scabbard.
  • Broadsword: Following the revelation of Serrator's deception, he began using a large broadsword that was powerful enough to destroy a variant of the Quintuple Slash (which involved their personal weapons) with a single swing.
    • Energy Empowerment: Master Xandred could charge up his broadsword with red energy for an increase in power.
    • Energy Slashes: Master Xandred could charge up his sword with yellow or red energy to unleash fiery energy slashes of either of those colors capable of taking out all six Rangers, causing a massive explosion, and even making Serrator cringe.

Behind the Scenes



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  • His name was a pun upon Xanax (a pain killing tranquilizer) to reference his constant need to drink Octoroo’s medicine for his headaches.


  • Master Xandred is a rare Final Power Ranger-type Villain as unlike other main villains, he gets fought by an Ultrazord in the final battle, while other Final Power Ranger-type Villains (like Queen Bansheera, Master Org, Omni, Octomus the Master and etc) only fight a normal Megazord. Regardless, he was destroyed by their normal Megazord. The only other known villain with this distinction is the Venjix Virus, who in his final form as Evox faced off against the Beast-X King Ultrazord before his destruction at the hands of the Beast-X King Megazord.


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