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"Zeddy, meet... Master Vile, my... father."
―Rita Repulsa[src]

Master Vile and the Metallic Armor is the three-part episode in the third season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. It features the debut of Rita and Rito's father, Master Vile, as well as the debut of the Metallic Armor and the first appearance of the Zeo Crystal.

The 19th, 20th, and 21st Zeo Serial Shorts aired before a later airing of each three parts.


Master Vile, the extremely powerful father of Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto, arrives at the Moon Palace and takes command, determined to finally defeat the Rangers. He creates the energy-absorbing Globbor Monster who grows increasingly powerful with each transformation. To defeat this nearly unstoppable monster and super-strong Tengas, Zordon gives the teens the power of Metallic Armor and charges them with the task of retrieving the ancient Zeo Crystal, before Vile destroys the entire planet.


Part 1

The Angel Grove Police Department has sponsored a horse-riding excursion for Nature Appreciation Week, and the Power Rangers are out with Lt. Stone, Bulk, and Skull on a ride. When the ground inexplicably starts shaking and darkness falls everywhere, the concerned Rangers teleport to the Command Center only to find everything completely offline, including Alpha 5 and Zordon. The Moon Palace is also rocked violently as a menacing creature in black robes appears in Lord Zedd's throne room. He is Master Vile, the ruler of the M51 Galaxy and father to Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto.

As the Command Center comes back online, Zordon tells the Rangers of Master Vile and announces that as a precaution against his evil powers, a new Metallic Armor has been developed for their Power Ranger uniforms that will increase their strength, but is only to be used in dire emergencies. On the Viewing Globe, Kat then spots Lt. Stone looking for her and her friends. While he searches, Stone is anticipating a monster attack and has assigned Bulk and Skull to ride their horses and get help.

Up in the Moon Palace, Master Vile is not at all impressed with his new son-in-law Lord Zedd and is berating Rita for her choice in husbands ("You couldn't marry someone who had a skull?!"). Zedd argues that he still has Ninjor and the White Ninja Falconzord as his captives, but Rito fumbles the vase holding Ninjor and he escapes back to the Command Center. Vile is angry at Rito for his clumsiness, as Ninjor's presence is crucial for his master plan to obtain the Zeo Crystal. Zordon and Ninjor explain that the Zeo Crystal is an ancient relic of limitless power from the M51 Galaxy that was hidden beneath the Moon Palace in the Caves of Deception and that a force-field prevents all but the pure of heart from taking it.

Rita jokes that Zedd's skinless appearance is a result of him trying to take the Zeo Crystal, but Vile is not dissuaded and takes Rito and Goldar to his Space Skull. He creates the monster Globbor to hunt Ninjor and drain his powers, then turn them against the Rangers and suck theirs away so that he can take the Crystal. In the meantime, he hands Zedd a sack of special bird-food for the Tenga Warriors that will boost their power. Once fed, the super-powered Tengas are sent out to pick on humans, starting with Bulk and Skull.

The Power Rangers morph into battle, but are no match for the Tengas and are forced to call Ninjor for help. When Ninjor arrives, Globbor jumps him and teleports away with him in his gooey claws. Faced with desperation, the Rangers activate their Metallic Armor and soon turn the tables on the Tengas. The emergency over, Zordon shows concern over the situation and makes a gamble of his own: one of the Rangers must go to the Caves of Deception, retrieve the Zeo Crystal, and destroy it. Tommy volunteers, but Kat insists on going with him as she knows how to distract Rita and Zedd.

While Tommy and Kat are on their mission, the other Rangers are sent to fight Globbor when he appears in Angel Grove as a giant. Billy installs a new remote-control device into the Shogun Megazord that allows the Rangers to operate both it and the Ninja Megazord in tandem, but Globbor starts draining the Shogun Megazord's power with long-range energy beams. In the Moon Palace, Kat approaches Rita and Zedd and declares that she wishes to rejoin the Evil Space Aliens.

Part 2

Globbor has drained the Shogun Megazord into non-functionality, and the Rangers regroup into the Ninja Megazord to continue the fight. Meanwhile, Kat is put in a device that is designed to drain all the good out of her and replace it with pure evil. Tommy can't bear to leave her alone, but Zordon forces Tommy to continue without Kat and get the Zeo Crystal, knowing that it will purge the evil out of her. When Zedd senses Tommy in the Moon Palace, he taunts Kat by saying that since Tommy was once evil himself (back in his days as the Green Ranger), the force-field will surely destroy him. Kat refuses to believe this, even as her inner goodness drains away.

In Angel Grove, the Ninja Megazord begins fighting Globbor but quickly started to be overpowered. Tommy enters the Caves of Deception, an apt name as the powers of the cave create a variety of illusions to throw him off. He is first attacked by an illusion of Goldar, and illusions of his fellow Rangers, Rita and Kat, and even himself as the Green Ranger try to demoralize him, but the proud White Ranger refuses to succumb and continues deeper into the cave where the Zeo Crystal awaits. Ignoring more illusions of Master Vile and Kat, Tommy grabs the Zeo Crystal. The force-field activates and tears into him, and memories of all the evil acts he had performed flash through his head. However, his memories of all the good he had done for his friends since allows Tommy to withstand the force-field and take the Crystal. With its power, Tommy returns to Zedd's throne room, frees Kat from the machine, and takes back the White Ninja Falconzord from its birdcage as they all teleport away.

Back in Angel Grove, the Ninja Megazord is on the ropes in the fight against Globbor and it's starting to look like the Rangers will have to abandon it. Just in time, Tommy and Kat arrive in the Falconzord (which contains the Zeo Crystal) and join up with the rest of the Rangers to clobber Globbor in a Ninja Megafalconzord dive-punch. Amazingly, the monster survives and transforms into a cruel parody of Ninjor, allowing him to continue fighting with the powers he had stolen from the ninja master. The Shogun Megazord is brought in via remote-control to double-team Globbor, and the Rangers start to land heavy blows on the monster. However, on a nearby building, a bound Ninjor is seen taking the damage from the hits. Master Vile appears and tells the Rangers that every blow they make on the monster will hurt Ninjor. Unable to risk hurting their friend, the Rangers are forced to back off allowing Globbor to inflict critical damage on the Megazords. After several hard hits, the Rangers are ejected from the Ninja Megazord and are sent falling into an alley.

Vile teleports the Zords (and the Zeo Crystal) out of the city and off of Earth, and Globbor is shrunken down to finish the Power Rangers off. Globbor then starts draining the Rangers powers, forcing them to summon the Metallic Armor. Although it offers some protection, it isn't enough to prevent their powers from getting further drained. Using their last bit of power, the Rangers use the Armor to summon an energy wave to knock Globbor down, then teleport away.

Bulk and Skull finally arrive at the Juice Bar and find Ernie, but Master Vile and the Evil Space Aliens appear and send them all into a panic. Now that Vile has won, he intends to celebrate by hosting the last party Earth will ever have before he destroys the planet.

Part 3

Zordon taps directly into the Morphing Grid to recharge the Rangers' powers, but they are still weary from Globbor's attack. At the Juice Bar, Master Vile's End Of The World Party is in full swing as the sun is eclipsed in darkness. Everybody in Angel Grove is forced into attendance alongside scores of monsters, and they are made to party like there's no tomorrow in every literal sense of the phrase.

Billy tracks down the vanished Megazords and Falconzord to a distant planet in the M51 Galaxy, where they sit rusted and motionless. With no guarantee that they'll have enough power to get back, the Rangers teleport across the galaxy to the Zords' resting place. Using their Blade Blasters, the Rangers carve away the rust and gain access to an emergency exit in the Ninja Megazord's big toe. The Zords suddenly activate as Master Vile summons the Zeo Crystal's power, causing them to fire devastating energy blasts at Earth. In order to break Vile's connection, the Rangers feed the energy of their Power Coins through the Crystal. Eventually, the connection is broken allowing the Rangers to regain control of the Megazords. They then all teleport back to Earth.

Lord Zedd reports to Vile that the Power Rangers have the Zords back and are returning to Earth, so Globbor is sent out again. This time, Globbor uses all the power it had absorbed from the Rangers and their Zords to become a multi-headed monstrosity, giving both Ninja and Shogun Megazords and the Falconzord a brutal beating. Alpha suddenly hits on the solution to the Globbor problem and uses the Command Center's power to end the solar eclipse. Exposed to sunlight, Globbor's stolen powers vanish from him, and Ninjor is able to free himself from Vile's captivity.

Ninjor and Megazords.

Furious, Master Vile enlarges himself to destroy the Rangers, while Ninjor arrives in Battle Mode to provide support. After destroying Globbor, the Rangers form the Shogun Megafalconzord and give Vile a piece of their mind. Defeated but not at all distraught, Vile retreats in his Space Skull and swears that the Power Rangers and Earth have not heard the last of him.

In the mountains, the Rangers summon the Metallic Armor to protect them as Tommy uses Saba to shatter the Zeo Crystal into five sub-crystals, which are all teleported through time and space so that Master Vile can never reassemble them. The crisis averted, they all head back to finish their horse-riding expedition.



  • In Part I, when Rito clumsily drops and shatters the vase containing Ninjor, the deluxe American Ninjor action figure can be seen briefly lying on the ground.
    • The figure's leg panels are also down, while Ninjor's panels are up in the next shot of the actor.
  • For some strange reason, Kimberly's voice can be heard when Adam fights.
  • In part I, The candle above the skull head near Blue Globber and Master Vile looks smaller and the rock it is on looks very different after the scene that Rito asks Master Vile what to do now, this is a mistake of props between the original Sentai props and the one made by the USA.
  • In part I, Rita and Lord Zedd seem surprised to see that Katherine is the pink ranger despite having had several encounters against her where they already knew that she replaced Kimberly as the pink ranger.
  • In Part II, when Tommy reaches for the Zeo Crystal, his flashback of destroying the Command Center as the Green Ranger has Zordon saying different dialogue.
  • In Part II, the first establishing shot of the Ninja Megazord shows the White Ninja Falconzord already docked to it
  • In Part II, Katherine can briefly be seen in the Shogun Megazord cockpit before she arrives with Tommy.
  • In Part II, when the Rangers react to Ninjor getting hurt they are in the Shogun Megazord's cockpit instead of the Ninja Megazord's.
  • In Part II, after the Megazords are defeated Master Vile tells the Blue Globber to suck out their power only to teleport them away before the monster has a chance to.
  • When the Blue Globber shrinks down to drain the Rangers' powers he is missing Ninjor's visor. 
  • In Part III when the Rangers used the Blade Blasters, they clearly say "Zyuranger" on them.
  • The White Ninja Falconzord's cockpit in Part II has an unusual symbol on the back wall that does not appear again.
  • While the dialog mentioned that the Zeo Crystal was in the Ninja Megazord the prop giant foot appears to be of the Shogun Megazord.
  • When the Rangers combine their powers to sever Master Vile's link to the Zeo Crystal, quick zooming shots of their Power Morphers clearly show the original Dino Power Coins on their belts.
  • In Part III, Dischordia is visibly present at Master Vile's End of the World party, seated by a table with the Invenusable Flytrap, even having a speaking role, despite not officially appearing until the next episode, when Vile would pretty much resurrect her.
  • Kat seems surprised at Rita and Zedd's revelation that Tommy used to be evil, but Tommy had revealed this to her a few episodes prior.
    • It is possible she is actually surprised because Zedd and Rita told her that Tommy's past evil deeds would prevent him from accessing the Zeo Crystal, which would be a massive flaw in the Rangers' plan. However, this is proven to be false, as Tommy does successfully retrieve the Zeo Crystal.
      • It is unclear whether Zedd and Rita purposefully lied to Kat, or if they were simply unaware that Tommy's current goodness would surpass his past evil.
  • Aisha had on a black shirt, but in one shot of the beginning of Part I, her shirt was yellow.
  • The White Ninja Falconzord is crooked in one shot when it is connected to the Ninja Megazord. 
  • The Ninja MegaFalconzord is visibly dirty in many shots.
  • In Part I, before the Blue Globbor turns into normal size, wires can be seen pulling him up from the goo.
  • When Zedd taunts Kat about when Tommy is evil while draining her goodness in the device, he says "the former Green Ranger" instead of Tommy himself directly. It is unknown if and how Kat would know Tommy was the Green Ranger as Tommy nor anybody else told her the story of the Green Ranger. Though Tommy had told her how he was evil, he did not mention to her while he was the Green Ranger. Rita even jokingly taunts Kat that Zordon never told her the story of the Green Ranger.


  • The four former original Power Rangers appear in this episode but through archive footage. Kimberly's last non-archival appearance was in A Different Shade of Pink, while Trini, Jason, and Zack last appeared the year before in The Power Transfer".
  • This is the first appearance of Master Vile, Rita and Rito's father, who would remain on the show until Alien Rangers of Aquitar Part II.
  • The monsters that attended Master Vile's End of the World Party at the Youth Center are Fighting Flea, Slippery Shark, Oysterizer, Robogoat, Invenusable Flytrap, Vampirus, Artistmole, Centiback, Hate Master, Miss Chief, Inciserator, See Monster, Garbage Mouth, Brick Bully's second form, and Dischordia.
  • Part I marks the first time two Megazords are used in one battle.
  • This is the first appearance of the Metallic Armor which serves as a replacement for the Ninja outfit powers to combat Rita and Zedd's super strong Tengas.
  • This is the first appearance of the Shogun MegaFalconzord configuration.
  • This is the first appearance of Billy's White Ninja Falconzord remote, which enables the Rangers to control both the Ninja and Shogun Megazords simultaneously. It would be used in the next episode and then a third and final time in the episode Hogday Afternoon Part II to defeat the Hydro Hog before its assumed destruction with the Command Center.
  • The footage of the rusted over Zords is taken from base scenes in Kakuranger where they are the statue forms of the Three God Generals.
  • This is the second time an active Ranger is seen in Rita and Zedd's palace, the first being Green With Evil. However, the original ending for Doomsday had the Rangers in Rita's palace.
  • Rita jokes the force field protecting the Zeo Crystal scarred Lord Zedd's face.
  • In Part II, when Tommy is trying to get through the Zeo Crystal's forcefield, clips from Green with Evil, The Mutiny, and Final Face-Off are seen.
  • The original Megazord appeared in the clip from Green with Evil, making it the first time it appears since An Oyster Stew, and the first time the Dinozords appear at all since Ninja Quest.
  • Part III marks the final usage of the Blade Blasters.
  • Things seen or used for the final time:
    • The Ninja Megazord cockpit
    • Saba used in combat
    • The Blade Blasters
    • Ninjor in American footage
    • The Green Ranger with his cloth Dragon Shield used in the American footage.
  • Bulk and Skull meet Lord Zedd and Rita in this episode. They would later reminiscence on the moment in Wild Force's Forever Red.
  • The Zord fight in Part II uses Sentai footage while interpreting it differently: in Kakuranger Ep. 42: The Plundered Ninja Power, when defeated, the Three God Generals teleported to regenerate in their lair, but in Part II of this three-part episode, the Zords were captured by Master Vile. The opposite occurred in Doomsday, in which the Zords retreated whereas they were captured in the Zyuranger version of that episode.
  • According to the end credits of Part II, this episode was filmed around September 15, 1995, which was one day after Ninja Quest Part IV aired.
    • Also in the Part II credits when Tommy says “Did Master Vile really win?” he then points at the camera and says “You decide,” this ruining the take.
  • Helmetless Rangers (MMPR).png
    Part III marks the final time where Billy and Aisha appear helmetless.

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