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"Who dares ask a question of me, Master Vile?!"
―Master Vile's first words when Lord Zedd demanded to know who crashed in his Moon Palace.[src]

"AH HA HA HA HA HA! You'll never defeat me Rangers! I'll return when you least expect it! You haven't seen the last of Master Vile! AH HA HA HA HA HA!"
―Master Vile's most famous quote when leaving the Zord fight after being hit by the Ninja Mega Falconzord's finishing move.[src]

Master Vile was the father of Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto, and the maternal grandfather of Thrax. His home planet was Gamma Vile in the M51 Galaxy.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Sometime after Rita marries Lord Zedd, Master Vile becomes aware of the marriage and becomes extremely angry over it due to always considering Zedd incompetent. Tvicon TV STORY-The Wedding

Some months later, Master Vile sends his son Rito Revolto to the Moon to defeat the Power Rangers but this scheme ultimately fails and a stalemate resumes. Tvicon TV STORY-Ninja Quest

Master Vile later arrives on the Moon in search of the legendary Zeo Crystal and is displeased that his daughter has married Lord Zedd without his approval. He nearly succeeds in his goal, capturing both the Crystal and the Rangers' Zords, and even throwing an "End of the World Party" in the Youth Center before entering battle against the Power Rangers themselves. Vile grew to giant size and survived the finishing attacks of both the Shogun MegaFalconzord and Ninja Mega Falconzord. On his retreat to the moon, he considers the failure nothing but a minor setback and decides to stay and have more battles with the Rangers. Tvicon TV STORY-Master Vile and the Metallic Armor

Master Vile later sends his old ally Dischordia to battle the Rangers and she nearly succeeds in taking control of the Rangers' minds. Vile is foiled once again however as Dischordia meets her end from the Shogun Ultrazord. Tvicon TV STORY-The Sound of Dischordia

Master Vile summons the Orb of Doom to Earth which he uses to revert the Rangers to powerless children. Tvicon TV STORY-Rangers in Reverse

However, Master Vile prevents Lord Zedd, Rita, Goldar, and Rito from destroying Angel Grove as he has more plans for the Earth. He sends a selection of monsters to invade the planet led by his field general Professor Longnose with the goal of conquering and destroying it. When the invasion is defeated by the Aquitian Rangers, Vile flees back to his galaxy in disgrace.

Power Rangers Zeo

When the Machine Empire arrive on the moon, Rita calls her father and begs him to let them stay with him. Vile agrees despite the fact that Rita will be bringing Lord Zedd while also mentioning that the Machine Empire is worse than him by destroying everything in sight. Master Vile states that he will leave a skeleton key under the mat and tells them not to wake him when they arrive.

Power Rangers In Space

Master Vile is last seen on the Cimmerian Planet, attending Dark Specter's conference in "From Out of Nowhere" alongside Blue Globber. Tvicon TV STORY-From Out of Nowhere

Master Vile is not seen during the United Alliance of Evil's invasion of the universe, leaving his current status and whereabouts unknown. However as he is not seen again, even when his grandson Thrax appears, he was certainly destroyed off-screen by the Z-Wave. Tvicon TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction


True to his name, Master Vile embodied sheer wickedness as he was ruthless as well as being a power-hungry tyrant bent on galactic conquest. Although he had a brief stint in the series, Master Vile had proved to be a master strategist and a dangerous adversary for the Rangers as his tactics involved enhancing the Tenga Warriors into more aggressive and efficient fighters, succeeding in capturing the Zeo Crystals along with the Rangers' Zords, and using the Orb of Doom to revert the Rangers back into children. Despite whatever tactical brilliance he has expressed, he is still highly impatient, and like his daughter, he is capable of throwing child-like tantrums when his plans do not go his way as seen when the Alien Rangers defeated his forces. It is this lack of patience that enabled him to retreat back to his conquered Galaxy.

Although he had genuine care for his children, Master Vile had his disdain for Rita's husband, Lord Zedd, and the latter shared his own resentment for the former, which placed them at odds with one another. Regardless, their hostilities were more than once cast aside when attempting to defeat the Rangers and conquer the earth, as well as assisting with Rita and Zedd's escape from the attacking Machine Empire.

Despite his brand of darkness and the successes that came with it, Master Vile openly stated that his evil ways pale in comparison to King Mondo and Queen Machina, noting how the two invoke even greater destruction than himself. Given that he has taken part in the celebratory meeting with the United Alliance of Evil and the festivities for Zordon's capture, it is more than likely that like all other villains (including his daughter and son-in-law), Master Vile may have feared the alliance leader Dark Specter.


Family Tree

Daimaou & Master VilleMaster Vile LadyFiennaLady Fienna
MMPR RitoRito   Rita RepulsaRita Lord Zedd
  OO ThraxThrax

Powers and Abilities


  • Birthing an Egg: The ability to spit out an egg from his mouth to create monsters as seen when he created the Blue Globbor.
  • Corruption: Master Vile was able to corrupt the Zeo Crystal (temporarily) to control the Falconzord and Megazords so that they could blast Angel Grove from another world.
  • Spell Casting: Master Vile is a magic user and can cast spells like his daughter.
  • Channeling; Master Vile was able to channel the powers of the Zeo Crystal from another planet.
  • Energy Blast: Master Vile can shoot energy blast as seen multiple time in the series.
  • Monster creation : Master Vile was able to create monsters like Blue Globbor.
  • Teleportation: Master Vile can summon red and blue snakes from under him to teleport to any location he wishes.
  • Self-Growth: Master Vile could make himself grow at will without the aid of Rita and Zedd as seen when he grew himself after the escape of Ninjor.


  • Strength: Master Vile was immensely strong, overwhelming both the Shogun and Ninja Megazords with just the help of the Blue Globbor.
  • Durability: Being a skeleton like warrior, Master Vile had very thick skin and bones that allowed him to withstand the finishing strikes of the Shogun MegaFalconzord and the Ninja MegaFalconzord without getting a scratch on him.


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Walking Stick

Master Vile's Walking Stick

  • Walking Stick: Master Vile had a large staff that resembles a walking stick for him to use in combat.
    • Laser Blast: Master Vile could circle his staff around in the air, creating a pink energy circle, which can fire a pink laser blast powerful enough to make the Zords all cringe.





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  • Rita Repulsa - Daughter: Rita has an uneasy relationship with her father. Vile considered her an "ungrateful, rotten little brat", while Rita claimed that he "never understood her". Nevertheless, Master Vile still had enough care for his daughter to be there for her when she needed him the most, taking her in when the Machine Empire drove her and her husband from their home.
  • Unnamed Wife
  • Rito Revolto - Son: Vile trusted Rito with placing the Orb of Doom on Earth.
  • Lord Zedd - Son-in-Law: Zedd and Vile had a strong dislike for one another. Zedd hates Vile for one-upping him in the fight to destroy the Rangers, while Vile hates Zedd for marrying his daughter Rita. Upon his arrival at the moon, Vile effectively usurps control of Zedd's castle and takes charge of the villains' efforts to destroy the Rangers. Zedd frequently makes snide comments about Vile's plans and is extremely annoyed when they actually work. Zedd even secretly wished for the Rangers to defeat Vile. When Vile left, Zedd was happy to the point where he kissed Goldar.
  • Thrax - Grandson


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Behind the Scenes



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MVile Cos

Master Vile in storage.

  • During his appearances in U.S. footage, he has his eyes closed all the time instead of open when in Sentai footage.
  • Like Rito Revolto and Porto, Vile did not participate in Countdown to Destruction due to his costume falling apart.
  • Fans have originally thought that Tom Wyner voiced Master Vile until he confirmed at the voice actor panel in Power Morphicon 2018 that he did not voice him and that it was actually Simon Prescott that voiced him.


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