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"Life is a series of obstacles, it's not a question of can we manage them, but how."
―Master Swoop[src]

Master Swoop is a Pai Zhua master who possesses the spirit of the Bat, able to assume a stronger anthropomorphic bat form.

Character History

Master Swoop fighting alongside the Bat Ranger.

Swoop was R.J.'s mentor and taught him to fight without the aid of sight. Though blind, Swoop manages to see things further than they really are and teaches Theo how to focus and trains him to use the Jungle Fan and to channel his Bat Animal Spirit. He was later the first of the Masters to be captured by the Phantom Beasts, and his animal spirit transformed into the Bat Ranger. He was freed by R.J. and the Bat Spirit Ranger now fights with the other Rangers when summoned by either Theo or Master Swoop. By the end of the series, he took part in the final battle along with his fellow Masters and was present when the Rangers destroyed Dai Shi once and for all.


  • His "Bat Technique" is base on Tessenjutsu, the Japanese martial art of wielding a war fan.
  • Its mentioned that he's RJ's favorite master.
  • His costume is similar to Neo's costume in The Matrix Trilogy.
  • In Latin-American, his name is "Maestro Murcio" or "Master Murcio" of word bat in spanish "Murcielago".

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