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"Get out of here!!"
―Master Pink's final words before her death

Master Pink was a veteran knight and the trainer of her squire, Asuna, who inherited her Ryusoul Ken. In episode 21, she was revived thanks to the Necromancer Minosaur and was later revealed to be the host of it in episode 22.

Character History

She passed on her Ryusoulken to her student, Asuna for her to succeed as Ryusoul Pink.

When a giant Minosaur arrived at the temple to destroy it along with the Kishiryuu that lay slumber in, she and Master Blue team up with their students to stop the Minosaur while Koh and Master Red head inside the temple. However, with Tankjoh and Kleon's infiltration of the temple, their transformations were cancelled and the Minosaur easily broke free from the ropes and the wrecking ball that held him down. Just as the Minosaur was about to incinerated Melto and Asuna, Master Pink and Blue shoved them out of way taking the hit, killing and incinerating the two. Ep. 1: Que Boom!! Ryusoulger

When Asuna was returning home from shopping, Master Pink appears in front of her alive much to her student's delight. She then arrived back with Asuna to Ui Tatsui's home where she greets a Koh and Melt who were shocked to see that she had revived. She then noticed Ui's dad, Naohisa Tatsui as he looked similar to who looked just like Seto, who was a member of the Ryusoul Tribe. Master Pink later goes outside with the three Ryusoulgers enjoying a bubble tea for the first time as she stated that food outside the village was forbidden despite knowing that the Elder had eaten hamburgers in secret. Melto asked her if her and everyone else coming back to life had something to do with the fish dissapearing. Canalo, who was also a Ryusoulger arrived telling them that many animals have disappeared too until he noticed Master Pink and fell for her asking if she was single. She offers to go out for some tea with him, much to Asuna's surprise of her master going out with her teammate. She embraces Canalo and reached for his pocket finding the Kurayami Soul asking him where he found it. Just when Kleon was about to drop a match to set the city ablaze with a revived Tankjoh's volcanic gas, she fought Kleon stopping his plan with Canalo using the Kurayami Soul to suck up the gas. After defeating Tankjoh, Master Pink told ShadowRaptor to summon Shineraptor restoring the city and that she knew of the Kishiryus after hearing from Seto. Ep. 21: Light and Dark Kishiryu

Seto revealed that he entered Naohisa's body when he was excavating the temple where his spirit slept and that the living being taken in exchange for reviving the dead is a Minosaur's doing. While searching for the Minosaur, Asuna asked Master Pink if she was hiding something from them, which she revealed that the Minosaur was born from her desire to be revived and plans on defeating it herself, but Asuna said that as she is now a Ryusoulger, it is her mission to defeat them. She arrived to tell Koh to use the combined powers of ShadowRaptor and ShineRaptor into a single Kishiryu to defeat the Minosaur in the pocket dimension. When the Ryusoulgers were overwhelmed by Tankjoh who had revived again, she passed her sword to Asuna with the four Ryusoulgers passing their powers into her sword and destroyed Tankjoh for good with Koh destroying the Necromancer Minosaur. Just as she was about to return to the afterlife, she told Asuna that even though she was her worst student, she choose her as a Ryusoulger because of her strong heart and believed she can save the world from the Druidon. With that, Master Pink returns to the afterlife. Ep. 22: The Life of the Dead!?

Powers and Abilities

Ryusoul Tribesman Physiology
As member of Ryusoul tribes, she possessed these following abilities:
Ryusoul tribespeople age very slowly and can live for hundred years.

Ryusoul Pink

Ryusoul Pink

"Que bom! Wassei Wassei! Saa! Saa! Saa! Wassei Wassei! Sore sore sore sore!"
―Standby announcement via Ryusoul Changer[src]

"Ryu So Cool! (laughing)"
―Transformation announcement via Ryusoul Changer[src]


This Form is Exlusive to Episode 1.



Behind the Scenes

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