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"Buried, maybe, but lost, never. his humanity is an antidote to your poison, and someday, Jarrod will cast you out!"
―Master Phant talking to Dai Shi[src]

Master Phant is a Pai Zhuq master, known for the Jungle Mace and his Elephant Animal Spirit. He retired prior to the series' beginning, but Lily's persistence caused him to become her master. He able to assume a stronger anthropomorphic elephant form.


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Master Phant fighting alongside the Elephant Spirit Ranger

After RJ tells the rangers that only his weapon can be used to defeat the Pangolin, the rangers search for him. However, he no longer wants to help. Lily still has faith that the old master is still inside of the hermit. Seeing Lily in danger from an attack from the Rinshi, he decided to help and taught Lily the techniques of the elephant. He later tells Lily to channel his animal spirit, which the rangers use to combine with the Jungle Pride Megazord giving it Elephant Power. Way of the Master Master Phant is the Uncle of Lily's friend Gabby. He was later captured by the Phantom Beasts along with the other masters and his animal spirit transformed into the Elephant Ranger. He was freed by R.J. and the Elephant Spirit Ranger now fights with the other Rangers when summoned by either Lily or Master Phant. By the end of the series, he took part in the final battle and was present when the Rangers destroyed Dai Shi.


  • Master Phant is the only one of the three Masters whose animal spirits became Spirit Rangers whom RJ didn't know before he appeared on the show-Master Swoop had been his teacher and Master Finn of course was his father.

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Master Phant is portrayed by the late Bruce Allpress.

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