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"What the heck! That was a man! 6000 years ago, the only ones who became vain because of their cuteness and beauty were women! For goodness sake! Men today!"
―The Master Mirror's first words after accidentally releasing Daigo.[src]

"Who are you?! Tell me your name!"
―The Master Mirror when confronted by Daigo as Shishiranger.[src]

"Bwo! Whoa! Oh no!"
―The Master Mirror after his Mirror-You Power Blast had no effect on Dairen'oh and his final words before his death.[src]

Master Mirror Makeup (鏡化粧師 Kagami Keshōshi) was a mirror Gorma Minion serving Gara.


Around 6000 years ago, the Master Mirror was used by Gara to capture Kujaku where she remained until the events of Dairanger. Master of the Kagamishinken (Fist of the Mirror) fighting style. He prefered women who admire themselves in his Mirror-form, getting sick when he ingests a man by mistake. He was first found as a wall mirror by Daigo who he absorbed but then ejected him when he was surprised that dudes admired themselves in mirrors when only women did thousands of years ago. He was sent to capture the Dairangers inside of himself but Daigo smashed his mirror with his Dairen Rod which allowed Kujaku to escape. Now helpless against the Dairangers, he pulled out his Growth Bomb and used it to grow. The Dairangers formed Dairen'oh so he blasted it with a shiny laser sphere known as the Mirror-You Power Blast. After that had no effect, Dairen'oh just merrily walking through the explosions, he charged but was overwhelmed by the Great King Sword and killed by the Raging Hurricane Waves.




Behind the Scenes

  • If you take into consideration the series' final twist that all Gorma were clay dolls created by Shadam to act exactly how they did 8000 years ago, then Master Mirror Makeup, alongside Birdcage Vagrant, may be the only known Gorma Minions to actually not be a clay creation of Shadam due to the former holding Kujaku until his defeat by the Dairangers and the latter from leaving the Gorma before their destruction.

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