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"We are the vision in your dreams. We do not exist, yet we have been here since the beginning. We are Pai Zhua, the Order of the Claw. We train only the best, both physically and mentally, swearing them to secrecy, all masters of their skills. Never knowing their true purpose, until now."
―Master Mao[src]

Master Mao is the Rangers previous master and original mentor at the Pai Zhuq academy; his physical body was destroyed by Dai Shi while protecting the Rangers, but he continues to help the Rangers in spirit form. Judging by his form after his death, he seems to control the Caracal spirit. In Now the Final Fury Master Mao along with Master Rilla, Master Guin, and Master Lope come through the Spirit World portal to join the Rangers in the Beast War. Calling on the full power of their animal spirits, the Masters are able to send the Beast Army back into the Spirit World. However, this victory is also moot when Dai Shi drains the Masters of their Spirits' powers. Master Mao eventually regained his powers following Dai Shi's destruction by Casey, Theo and Lily. Later, after seeing the Pai Zhuq Academy in good hands, Master Mao returned to the Spirit World.


  • Nathaniel Lees and his Jungle Fury co-stars Jason Smith, Kelson Henderson and Anna Hutchison had guest starred on the show The Legend of The Seeker.
  • Master Mao's animal spirit is a that of a wildcat, and the name 'Mao' is a misspelling of 'meow', the sound a cat makes. Additionally, the word 'Mao' literally means 'cat' in Chinese and Vietnamese.
  • Master Mao is one of only two Ranger allies to be permanently killed onscreen. The other is Zordon, though he was doing so as an act of desperation to save the universe.
  • Master Mao had the shortest tenure of any Power Ranger mentor in the show's history, as he only fulfilled this capacity in the first episode and was promptly killed by Dai Shi, forcing the Rangers to seek out a new mentor.
  • Master Mao's students, including Jarrod, have animal spirits that are all based on different species of cats.

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