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Master Green (マスターグリーン Masutā Gurīn) was Ryusoul Green and a previous owner of Gaisoulg.

Character History

Having fought countless battles alongside Master Black, returning Druidons came in with such force that he was forced to use the Gaisoulg armor to win. Nada, who was a user of the Gaisoulg armor and hence able to access the armor's memories, revealed that Master Green later became controlled by the armor's power-hungry sentience. Unable to stop it, he fled into space and eventually ending up dying on planet Nemesis, leaving the Gaisoulg armor to wander the cosmos.

During Master Black's flashback memory in episode 45, Master Green was seen using the Gaisoulg armor to fight alongside him in their attempt to stop Pricious

Powers and Abilities

Ryusoul Tribesman Physiology
As a member of Ryusoul tribes, he possessed these following abilities:
Ryusoul tribespeople age very slowly and can live for hundreds of years.


Ryusoul Green

"Que bom! Wassei Wassei! Saa! Saa! Saa! Wassei Wassei! Sore sore sore sore! Ryusoul Cool! (laughing)"
―Transformation announcement via Ryusoul Changer[src]


Appearances: TBD


"Gaisoul Change! (rock riff) Haa~"
―Transformation announcement via Gaisoul Ken[src]


  • Ancient Break Edge (エンシェントブレイクエッジ Enshento Bureiku Ejji): With the Gaisoul Ken, Gaisoulg gathers energy and unleashes two energy slashes that combine to form an "X" slash before hitting the target.

Powers & Abilities

Appearances: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episodes 30, 45

Behind the Scenes


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  • Master Green is the only Ryusoul Master whose identity was never revealed.
    • He is also the only Ryusoul Master to have died before the series started.



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