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A list of merchandise for the 11th Super Sentai series Hikari Sentai Maskman.[1]

Roleplay Items

HSM maskingbrace
  • Masking Brace (マスキングブレス Masukingu Buresu)

HSM lasermagnum
  • Laser Magnum Set (レーザーマグナムセット Rēzā Magunamu Setto)

HSM maskyblade
  • Masky Blade (マスキーブレード Masukī Burēdo)

HSM tonfa
  • Masky Tonfa (マスキートンファ Masukī Tonfa)

HSM ribbon
  • Masky Ribbon (マスキーリボン Masukī Ribon)

HSM shotbomber
  • DX Shot Bomber (DX ショットボンバー Derakkusu Shotto Bonbā)

HSM jetcannon
  • DX Jet Cannon (DX ジェットカノン Derakkusu Jetto Kanon)

DX Mecha

1987 greatfive
  • Lightspeed Combination DX Chogokin Great Five (光速合体 DX 超合金 グレートファイブ Kōsoku Gattai Derakkusu Chōgōkin Gurēto Faibu)[2]

1987 turborunger
  • Big Scale Turbo Lunger (ビックスケール ターボランジャー Bikku Sukēru Tābo Ranjā)[3]

1987 galaxyrobo
  • DX Galaxy Robo (DX ギャラクシーロボ Derakkusu Gyarakushī Robo)[4]

Box Art Gallery

Action Figures

Chogokin Figures


Five Chogokin Style figures that each come with a Laser Magnum. Beginning with the Maskman figures, the Super Sentai figures are no longer designated with catalog numbers.

  • Red Mask
  • Blue Mask
  • Black Mask
  • Yellow Mask
  • Pink Mask

HSM standardchogokin

Standard Chogokin Great Five: A non-transforming Great Five figure.

Figure & Vehicle Sets


Aura Power Set (オーラパワーセット Ōra Pawā Setto): A set of the Spin Cruiser and five bendable Maskman figures.

HSM auraatack

Aura Attack Set (オーラアタックセット Ōra Atakku Setto): A set of the Jet Cannon and five bendable Maskman figures. The cannon can fire discs and the set includes small targets of Tube villains.


Mask Roader Set (マスクローダーセット Masuku Rōdā Set): A set of a bendable Maskman figure and a Mask Roader. Sets of Blue Mask, Black Mask, Yellow Mask, and Pink Mask were sold separately. No accessories are included.

HSM wheeliecruiser

Dynamic Wheelie Spin Cruiser (ダイナミックウィリースピンクルーザー Dainamikku Uirī Supin Kurūzā): A self-propelled toy vehicle that uses a friction motor. It includes a solid colored Red Mask figurine and mini figures and standing targets of Tube characters.

HSM roaderbreak

Mask Roader Roader Break (マスクローダー ローダーブレイク Masuku Rōdā Rōdā Bureiku): A self-propelled motorcycle toy with a figure of Blue Mask in a fixed riding position. It comes with a breakable cardboard target of Underground Emperor Zeba.

HSM RCspincruiser

R/C Spin Cruiser: A remote controlled toy vehicle. It comes with a Red Mask figure.


HSM popinicaTL

DX Popinica Turbo Lunger (DX ポピニカ ターボランジャー Derakkusu Popinika Tāboranjā): The small scale version of the carrier mech. Comes with mini figures of Great Five, Masky Fighter, Masky Drill, Masky Tank, Masky Jet, and Masky Gyro. There are three compartments that store the Masky vehicles and two missile launchers are located on the front.

PlaDelu (Plastic Deluxe) Mecha

HSM pladeluxe

PlaDelu Great Five (プラデラ グレートファイブ Puradera Gurēto Faibu): A non-transforming figure of Great Five. It has a rocket punch gimmick and includes accessories of the Photo Electron Riser, Gyro Cutter, and Five Shield.

PlaDelu Galaxy Robo (プラデラ ギャラクシーロボ Puradera Gyarakushī Robo): A non-transforming figure of Galaxy Robo. The truck cab chest piece can be removed and placed on the back to create a trailer mode. It has a rocket punch gimmick and includes an accessory of the Galaxy Anchor.

HSM PDlunger

PlaDelu Turbo Lunger (プラデラ ターボランジャー Puradera Tāboranjā): A small version of the carrier mecha. It includes the five Great Five components that can be stored inside.

Vinyl Figures

HSM 5set

Maskman 5 Set (マスクマン5セット Masukuman Faibu Setto): A set of five 12 centimeter tall soft vinyl dolls.

HSM tubeset

Underground Empire Showdown Set (地底帝国対決セット Chitei Teikoku Taiketsu Setto): A set of 12 centimeter tall figures of Tube villains and Red Mask. It includes Earth Emperor Zeba, Baraba, Oyobu, Prince Igam, and Fumin.

HSM CTsofubi

Maskman Heroes (マスクマンヒーロー Masukuman Hīrō): Small vinyl figures individually sold as candy toys. They have limited paint applications and details.

  1. Red Mask
  2. Blue Mask
  3. Black Mask
  4. Yellow Mask
  5. Pink Mask

Candy Toys


Main article: Minipla
HSM MPgreatfive

Minipla Maskman Plastic Model (ミニプラ マスクマンプラスチックモデル Minipura Masukuman Purasuchikku Moderu)

  1. Masky Fighter
  2. Masky Drill
  3. Masky Tank
  4. Masky Jet
  5. Masky Gyro
  6. Turbo Lunger

HSM CTcombined

Maskman Combination (マスクマン合体 Masukuman Gattai)

  1. Masky Fighter
  2. Masky Drill
  3. Masky Tank
  4. Masky Jet
  5. Masky Gyro
  6. Shot Bomber & Mask Roader

HSM CTgalaxy

Metal Alloy Galaxy Robo (メタル合金 ギャラクシーロボ Metaru Gōkin Gyarakushī Robo)

Roleplay Items

HSM CTarms

Battle Arms (バトルアームズ Batoru Āmuzu)

  1. Laser Magnum
  2. Masky Blade
  3. Masky Tonfa
  4. Masky Ribbon

HSM CTmask

Transformation Masks (変身マスク Henshin Masuku)

  1. Red Mask
  2. Blue Mask
  3. Black Mask
  4. Yellow Mask
  5. Pink Mask



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