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Masked Devil Bōma (キメンボーマ Kimen Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes and the father of the Wandering Boma Kirika.

Character History


Masked Devil Boma after the birth of his daughter

20,000 years in the past, Masked Devil Boma lived as a member of the Hundred Boma Tribes when he fell in love with a beautiful human woman. The two ultimately had a child together, a young girl by which they called Kirika. However, Kirika ultimately fell in the hands of others and became raised over the next 20,000 years by Boma loyal to Lagorn, with only a locket the only memory Masked Devil Boma has regarding his wife and daughter.


Masked Devil Boma as "Kashimu"

In the present day, Masked Devil Boma, now living in the humanoid form Kashimu (カシム Kashimu), initially encounters both Kirika and fellow Wandering Boma Yamimaru after the revived Neo-Lagorn seals away their power alongside the Turboranger. When discovering what had happened to them, Kashimu sees the loss of the Wandering Boma power as a good thing, believing that living without power in peace with humans is the ideal existence for them. However when Yamimaru and Kirika desperately try to regain their power by being struck by lightning, he decides to reveal the truth of Kirika's origin in hopes of reaching them.

When Neo-Lagorn tries to defeat Yamimaru and Kirika through the creation of Gum-Gum Bōma to possess the male Wandering Boma, Kashimu tries to prevent Kirika from helping him, trying to protect his daughter. But when seeing how she tries to reach out to help him, he uses the power stored in his locket to remove Gum-Gum Boma from Yamimaru in protection of his daughter. After Yamimaru and Kirika regain their powers, they appear to turn away from him as he's attacked by Gum-Gum Boma now possessing Zulten, still not believing who he is, but the Turboranger mourn his death as they try and ultimately reach Kirika in her true position and destiny as a Wandering Boma.


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Behind the Scenes


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