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"Conquer the Earth with Earth's customs. (地球チキュウ文明ブンメイによって地球チキュウ侵略シンリャクするだからな。 Chikyū bunmei ni yotte Chikyū wo shinryaku suru dakara na.)"
―Carantula's motto.

Mask of Darkness Carantula (やみ仮面カメンつかいクランチュラ Yami no Kamen Tsukai Kuranchura) is one of the generals of the Dark Empire Yodonheim,[1] he is also the one who responsible for creating Jamenshi from Bechats via his Jamen, which can also turn Dark Beasts into Jamen Beasts.

Character History

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He is shown to hate beautiful things, and viewed them as annoying, as said in the trailer. He is also seen being sickened by the sight of many beautiful things on Earth, as he almost wanted to puke when he sees in the Yodonheim's globe that Earth has so many beautiful things. He also enjoys the entertainment the Kiramagers provide, but finds Galza more than intimidating, especially since he effortlessly defeated Paleolith Basra. Carantula employs tactics based on many human lifestyles and activities, and although he despises the planet's natural beauty, he made a new favorite food out of humanity's marshmallow snacks.

Powers and Abilities

  • Jamenshi Creation: By giving a Bechat a Jamen, Carantula can turn them into a Jamenshi.
    • Jamen Beast Creation: By giving a Dark Beast a Jamen, Carantula can turn them into a Jamen Beast.
  • Dark Energy Insurance: If a Jamenshi fails to gather enough dark energy, Carantula uses energy from a Bechat mask.
  • Daruma Changing: He can fire energized hand blasts that turn anyone hit by them into a daruma.
  • Telekinesis: Carantula was able to move his scepter telekinetically to deflect the Kiramai Bullets.
  • Absolute Darkness: He can create a field of impenetrable darkness.
  • Portal Creation: Carantula can open a dark portal to teleport himself from one place to another.
  • Communication Hologram: Carantula was able to communicate with Galza, who was on Earth at the time, via a hologram projected all the way from Yodonheim.
  • Mind Control Rapping: Carantula is able to brainwash the victims by singing a rap song.


  • Gauge Scepter: Carantula wields a scepter which serves as a gauge to indicate how much dark energy has been gathered. Once full, he can open up the invasion gate for the Jamen Beasts.
    • Force Field: Carantula was able to create a red force field with his scepter as shown in episode ZERO.
    • Communication: Carantula was able talk to Yodonna directly via the back of his scepter.
  • Container: Carantula formerly possessed a container in which he kept all the victims he had turned into darumas.
  • Violin: Carantula used a violin to transmit soundwaves through Speaker Jamen.
  • Microphone: Carantula used a microphone to supernaturally infect people with unkindness when he insulted them.


  • Limited Experience: As Carantula has been on Earth less frequently than Galza, he is vastly outclassed in experience against the Kiramagers. Though his preferred strategy is to attack worlds using their own customs, he often fails to truly understand whatever it is he's themed his monsters after, occasionally leading to plans that, while a nuisance to the Rangers, have little potential for world domination.


  • Height: TBA cm
  • Weight: TBA kg

Behind the Scenes



  • His name could be a portmanteau of "máscara" ("mask" in Spanish and Portuguese), "cara" ("face" in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese), and "tarantula". 
  • The fact that his face bears no visible eyes is similar to that of Dayu Usukawa, Naria, and Akyanba
  • He is similar to Creative Messenger Mikela from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger, as they were both villains with high-pitched nasally voices who created monsters modeled after things from Earth (Trinoids for Mikela, Jamen Beasts for Carantula), and wielded staff-like weapons while showing disdain towards Earth's culture as well. However, his ability to teleport the Jamen Beasts and Jamenshi to Earth is similar to Apostle of Dawn Reje.



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