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"Come, (Mashin) Zabyun!"
―Summoning Announcement[src]

Mashin Zabyun (魔進ザビューン Mashin Zabyūn) is a white and red shark/bullet train-based Mashin in Mashin Sentai Kiramager. It forms the limbs and mask of King Express Zabyun.


Mashin Zabyun was originally the Aqua Kiramai Stone (アクアキラメイストーン Akua Kiramei Sutōn), and possesses the power to repel Numajo's curses. After being cured from Numajo's venom and becoming a Mashin, Zabyun can move at incredible speed, swim through solid matter, utilize the Lorenzini Search (ロレンチーニサーチ Rorenchīni Sāchi) sonar ability, and fire cyan laser beams from its yellow eyes. His shark-themed design also makes him incredibly versatile in aquatic environments, as he can swim like an actual shark (though he looks more like a sea snake or eel whenever he does so).

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 21-24, 26-30, 33-38, 40, 42-45


Besides its train and stone modes, Zabyun has three additional modes which involve his components separating into weapon forms:

  • Gun & Screw Cannon Mode (銃&スクリュー砲モード Jū ando Sukuryū-hō Mōdo), formed from his front and thruster sections (what would be the arms and mask of King Express Zabyun).
  • Spear Mode (槍モード Yari Mōdo), formed from his front and middle sections (what would be the right arm and legs of King Express Zabyun). It finisher is the Zabyun Big Wave Lancer, where Zabyun is thrusted towards the Jamen Beast to impale it with his front section.
  • Bazooka Mode (バズーカーモード Bazūkā Mōdo), formed from his middle section (what would be the legs of King Express Zabyun).[1]


Mashin Zabyun in its corroded state

Long ago, Zabyun and Mashin Fire accompanied King Oradin, Queen Mabayuine and Takamichi Crystalia to the Stagnant Sea to combat the Witch of the Stagnant Sea Numajo. Assisting Oradin, Zabyun repelled Numajo's curse until her sister Minjo attacked them from behind, forcing Oradin to drop Zabyun, who was turned to rust by Numajo's corrosive venom. Episode 21: Fishing, Sometimes a Master Oradin would later bring the incapacitated Zabyun to Mr. Hakataminami in hopes that Numajo's poison could be cured by human resources, though it would be some time before it could happen, as Numajo's venom contains toxins not found on Earth.

Many years later, Zabyun would only become relevant once Muryou Hakataminami, the son of Mr. Hakataminami, suggested that Zabyun's power could be used to cure Mabushina of Numajo's curse. To accomplish this, half of the Kiramagers went back in time using the Reversia Kanaema Stone to retrieve a poison sample from Numajo, allowing Muryou to restore Zabyun and cure Mabushina. Kiramai Red would later reformat Zabyun to help defeat Motorboat Basra.

Mashin Gattai King Express Zabyun

Main article: Mashin Gattai King Express

Mashin Gattai King Express Zabyun (魔進合体キングエクスプレスザビューン Mashin Gattai Kingu Ekusupuresu Zabyūn) is the second version of King Express. This version retains and enhances the original's extreme speed and strength, can be utilized for underwater combat, and negates the need for Mashin Jouki whenever the mecha is required. It can execute the Jaws Attack (ジョーズアタック Jōzu Atakku) energy punch with the right arm, fire the Left Hand Screw (レフトハンドスクリュー Refuto Hando Sukuryū) water stream with the turbine on the left arm, and the Zabyun Tornado Cutter (ザビューントルネードカッター Zabyūn Torunēdo Kattā) where King Express Zabyun transforms into Mashin Zabyun Express underwater and spins around the Jamen Beast tornado-style while delivering powerful slashes with its head fin.

Its finisher is the Zabyun Megalo Blaster (ザビューンメガロブラスター Zabyūn Megaro Burasutā), where King Express Zabyun charges the aqua crystals on its arms and legs with aquatic energy before firing four water streams that fuse into one stream, taking the form of a shark that pierces the Jamen Beast to destroy it. With the power of Queen Mabayuine, the attack takes the form of four separate streams, though the arm streams are tinted gold due to the Queen's abilities.

During the Battle against the Yodon Ivy Seed, Juru devised a new finishing attack named the Grateful Go Arrow, which involved all four Crystalian Grand Guardians wielding a supersized Kiraful Go Arrow and pooling their energy into the weapon before firing a single supercharged shot.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 22-23, 27-29, 33, 36-37, 44

Additional Formations

Mashin Express Zabyun

Mashin Express Zabyun (マシンエクスプレスザビューン Mashin Ekusupuresu Zabyūn) is the combined form taken when Mashin Express latches onto the rear of Mashin Zabyun.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 22-23

Kiramaizin Zabyun Magnum

Main article: Mashin Gattai Kiramaizin

Kiramaizin Zabyun Magnum (キラメイジンザビューンマグナム Kirameijin Zabyūn Magunamu) is the armament of Kiramaizin with Mashin Zabyun in its Gun & Screw Cannon mode. This combination allows Kiramaizin to fire a spiral water stream from the Screw cannon section or more precise water bullets from the front section. As both of the Robo's hands are occupied, Jetter instead hovers above the combination as additional support.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 24, 30



  • Mashin Zabyun is a recolored and retooled variant of Mashin Jouki, replacing the dinosaur and steam locomotive design elements with that of a modern bullet train crossed with a shark. Unlike Mashin Jouki, it doesn't have a third mode, with the retooling removing much of the extra joints and pieces found on Jouki. The toy version (along with the series) compensates for this by having Zabyun's pieces reassemble into a variety of weapons.
  • Mashin Zabyun is the first character in the Super Sentai series portrayed by Hiroyuki Yoshino that is not a villainous role.
  • The names of King Express Zabyun's attacks are references to sharks-themed films.
    • The Jaws Attack is presumably named after the Jaws franchise, centered around a series of attacks on US citizens by Great White Sharks.
    • The Left Hand Screw and Zabyun Tornado Cutter may be references to the Sharknado films, revolving around a couple forced to deal with shark-infested tornadoes.
    • The Zabyun Megalo Blaster might be named after The Meg, a 2018 film featuring a Megalodon, the most largest species of predatory shark.
      • The attack may also be named after the Megalodon directly.
  • Mashin Zabyun is the first shark-themed Auxiliary Mecha since GekiShark from Gekiranger. Shinkenger's tyrannosaurus-themed Kyoryu Origami was adapted as the SharkZord in Power Rangers Super Samurai despite lacking any notable aquatic features.
    • Zabyun is also the first shark themed mecha since Zyuohger's Cube Shark, and the first one in the Reiwa Era.


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