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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This special contains scenes of sexual content, blood, gore, murder, bloodshed, graphic and gun violence & alcoholic drinking. Viewer discretion is advised!

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Spin-Off: Yodonna (魔進戦隊キラメイジャースピンオフ ヨドンナ Mashin Sentai Kirameijā Supin'ofu: Yodonna)[2] is a spin-off special set within the continuity of Mashin Sentai Kiramager and was released exclusively on the Toei Tokusatsu Fan ClubIcon-crosswiki.png. It focuses on the characters Yodonna and Mizuki Kakihara.

A sequel titled Yodonna 2 was released on September 12, 2021.


After being killed off by Emperor Yodon, Yodonna’s spirit comes back to the land of the living intending to revive herself. She plans on stealing the life energy of Juru to bring herself back to life. But things don’t work out the way she planned when Juru’s girlfriend Mizuki gets in Yodonna’s way and accidentally ends up becoming her host.

At the same time, Mizuki’s brother Shosuke investigates a maid café related to an organized crime gang and records video evidence of the crime on his phone. But when these two siblings unexpectedly swap phones, the crime gang makes Mizuki one of their targets. In order for her plan to succeed, Yodonna has no choice but to save Mizuki at this time of crisis. After being helped by Yodonna, Mizuki forms a bond with her, and Yodonna learns about ‘emotions’ in the process. What does fate have in store for these two people?[3]


The first part of this special starts with Yodonna giving the viewers an introduction. She tells us about the events that have taken place in the series, what she has done as Emperor Yodon’s secretary and how she dies. She is currently in Yodon afterlife in the Yodon Soul Administration Department. There, the dead of Yodonheim are judged and either sent to Yodon Heaven or destroyed.

Yodonna is waiting for her judgment in front of Yodon Heaven, standing in line behind Datula, a scientist who is of the same species as Cruntula. Datula has invented a device that can revive the dead by absorbing life energy from living beings. He wants to try out his new invention and asks Judge Hern to send him to the world of the living. However, due to his evil intentions, Datula's soul gets destroyed.

Next, it is time for Yodonna's judgment. Mose introduces her to Judge Hern, and Hern supposes she must have received the Emperor’s favor. Yodonna negates this presumption and says that she has received nothing. Hern speculates that Yodonna indeed lacks something essential: the understanding of emotions. Hern explains to Yodonna the basic four emotions (joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure), but Yodonna looks at Datula's latest invention and plans to revive herself. Yodonna then interrupts Hern's explanation and grabs Datula's invention. She then sends herself back to the world of the living using one side of Mose's spear. After coming to Earth, Yodonna finds herself in the world of the living and plans on stealing life energy from Juru.

In a basement parking lot, someone is secretly recording a video of an illegal business transaction between Hideki Kujirasaki and a dealer. Hideki takes the payment and notices that it is not the amount they had agreed upon. He then ends the partnership with the said dealer when he refuses to pay the predetermined amount, and right after that, one of his goons Yanako Nishinoura kills the dealer. The one recording the video is revealed to be Shosuke Kakihara, the older brother of Mizuki Kakihara who is a detective. The murder causes a fight to ensue among the two parties. and Hideki and his men beat up the dealer's men. After finishing the recording, Shosuke exits the location with video proof of the incident.

At the Kakihara household, Mizuki returns home from school. But she is seemingly running late for one of her appointments. She rushes to go and bumps into her brother on the way. She finds a card from a maid cafe among his documents and asks him if he’s interested in these kinds of things. Shosuke clears up the misunderstanding and says that it is a part of his investigation. Mizuki tells him to solve a big case, now that he is a police officer. Shosuke says that he will solve a big case, and Mizuki notices his strange behavior. He says if he doesn’t return home the same night, she should depend on Mr. Tetsu Enoshima, Shosuke's boss who has been a father figure to the two of them. Shosuke reminds her of the unpredictability of his profession. Mizuki grabs her phone and goes out of the house. Shosuke greets her and takes his things along with him to the police station.

Mizuki meets up with Juru at the roof of a building. But she discovers that Tametomo is also there, much to her obvious dismay. Juru says that since Mizuki said that they would be gaming, he asked Tametomo to come over and give them some tips. When Mizuki asks to be left alone with Juru, Tametomo is offended and comments on her rudeness. He also questions Juru about why he is dating Mizuki despite her severe attitude problem. Juru defends his girlfriend, saying that Mizuki also has her good points. But Tametomo fails to see what her good points are.

Meanwhile, Yodonna's spirit arrives at the scene and reads the instructions to the Datula's device. She connects one end of the device to her heart and moves towards Juru to connect the other end with his heart. Juru tells Tametomo and Mizuki to stop quarreling and says they should start playing the game. Mizuki takes out her phone, only to discover that she accidentally swapped phones with her brother during their earlier encounter. She then leaves to get her phone back and steps in the way of Yodonna, with the other end of the device accidentally connecting to her heart. This results in Yodonna's spirit entering Mizuki's body. As Mizuki leaves, Juru says that they will wait for her and starts playing a game with Tametomo advising him.

As Mizuki is on her way, Yodonna realizes that her plan failed. But she decides to settle for absorbing Mizuki's energy to revive herself. While Yodonna thinks this, Mizuki hears a voice inside her head and asks if anyone is there. She then finds herself in an unfamiliar place which Yodonna says is the world of Mizuki's mind. Mizuki questions the situation along with Yodonna's identity, while Yodonna reads more of the instructions for the device. She learns that once a connection has been established, the device can not be disconnected before the transfer completes. And if the host dies before the transfer is complete, then her soul will be destroyed as well. So she concludes that she has to be patient until the process is complete, which will take 6 hours. She also decides to be friendly with Mizuki for the time being. Yodonna tells Mizuki her name and that she is from the world of the dead. She also asks Mizuki for her name. Mizuki says her name and tries to process the information. When she infers that Yodonna has possessed her, Mizuki tells Yodonna to get out of her head. Yodonna refuses to comply and Mizuki gets annoyed by her attitude. Yodonna anticipates for the process to be completed, and then she will be revived at the cost of Mizuki's life.

At the police station, Shosuke shows the data he gathered from his investigation to his boss Tetsu Enoshima. He tells his boss about “Maid Cafe Haikyo”, that is secretly run by the organized crime gang Kuchinawa. Shosuke went undercover to investigate the place after getting a tip, that once people go in there, they never return. He learned that the cafe takes customers and harvests their organs while they are still alive. He tells Tetsu that it is a major criminal case. Tetsu reminds Shosuke that he is still new, and warns him against doing anything reckless. Shosuke also tells him that he found out where the gang makes their transactions. This catches his attention and Testsu realizes that it is a breakthrough. Shosuke tries to show him the video evidence he recorded and finds out about the accidental phone swap. He then rushes out of the station to get back his phone back. As he is on his way to retrieve his phone, Yanako goes after him.

In the meantime, members of the Kuchinawa gang corner Mizuki. They ask to confirm if she is Shosuke's sister, to which she answers in the affirmative, and asks if they are Shosuke's acquaintances. But Yodonna understands that their true intention is to kidnap Mizuki and suggests that she should try to escape. The gang members chase after Mizuki and tell her that they'll take her to Shosuke. Sensing Mizuki's life being endangered, Yodonna helps her beat up the gang members. After taking down the gang members, Mizuki realizes how strong Yodonna is. She also says that fighting those goons like that was a pleasurable experience for her. Yodonna asks if pleasure is an emotion, and if so she doesn't want to hear about it since she doesn't understand emotions. But Mizuki insists that it was pleasurable and tells Yodonna to smile. Yodonna laughs her usual villainous laugh, which Mizuki thinks is creepy. Yodonna then asks Mizuki why the gang members are targeting her. Mizuki presumes that the goons are probably after Shosuke's phone, which is currently in her possession.

In his office, Hideki is having a meal and calls Yanako to ask if she is having a hard time with the task at hand. She assures her boss that she will get the job done and Hideki entrusts her with the responsibility. Mizuki tries to contact Shosuke, but he doesn't answer her calls. Then she discovers the video evidence that Shosuke recorded on his phone. She comprehends the seriousness of the situation and goes to the cafe to search for Shosuke. She pretends to be a maid and goes inside the cafe. Yodonna tells her that it is a bad idea. But Mizuki says not to underestimate her cunnings and that she is counting on Yodonna to save her when things get rough. After that, Yodonna feels her heart beating loudly in her chest. She questions what emotion she is experiencing. And even though Yodonna is simply trying to steal Mizuki's life so she can be revived, she somehow feels strange.

In the cafe, Mizuki spots a few familiar faces from the video recording. She sees two maids taking a customer to a "special room" after being instructed by a male worker, Zuo. She follows after them in hopes of finding Shosuke. Mizuki finds the room and witnesses the two maids attempting surgery on the customer to extract his organs. Unfortunately, she gets spotted and captured by the Kuchinawa gang members who tried to kidnap her earlier. They take her to Zuo and he tells Mizuki to hand over the phone containing the video recording. She refuses to comply and asks Yodonna to help her. Yodonna doesn't act instantly, and Zuo orders the maids to extract Mizuki's organs. After seeing that nothing is happening, Mizuki freaks out and begs Yodonna for help. Having no other choice, Yodonna takes control of Mizuki's body and breaks free from their captivity. She fights and beats up the gang members and maids, as well as Zuo.

After beating up Zuo, Mizuki praises Yodonna and says that she knew she could count on Yodonna. Yodonna says that it is difficult for her to fight in Mizuki's body. Then Yanako shows up at the café and praises Yodonna in Mizuki's body for beating all those people. She then introduces herself as the bodyguard of the Kuchinawa gang and then tells her to prepare to fight Yanako. Mizuki says that Yanako looks dangerous. Yodonna starts fighting Yanako and successfully dodges the first few attacks but soon ends up getting scarred in two places. Mizuki gets hurt and tells Yodonna to remember that it is Mizuki's body she is fighting in. After that, Yodonna suggests that Mizuki should exercise more. Mizuki says that if it is dancing then she can do it. Then Mizuki takes control of her body and starts performing the Kiramager ending dance. Yanako is surprised to see Mizuki start dancing suddenly but keeps attacking. While dancing, Mizuki successfully dodges Yanako's attacks and leaves the latter puzzled. Mizuki's last move throws Yanoka over a table. This causes hot water to spill on Yanoka's face, and one of her eyes gets burned.

After the fight, Yodonna is exhausted. Mizuki asks if Yodonna is alright, which causes the latter to be surprised. Mizuki says that she and Yodonna are good partners. Hearing her say this, Yodonna smiles, and this time it's a sweet smile. Mizuki points out that Yodonna is smiling and teaches her what pleasure is. After that, Tetsu comes to the cafe and Mizuki is glad to see him, thinking that she is now safe. Tetsu asks Mizuki if she is okay, and says that he was worried about Shosuke. He then notices all the unconscious bodies lying around and asks her if these were her doing. She answers in the affirmative which surprises him. He then asks the whereabouts of Shosuke's phone, to which she answers that she secured the phone in a locker. Tetsu is impressed to learn all the things Mizuki has done and remarks that she is much smarter than her incompetent detective brother.

Yanoka then gets up from the ground and tells Tetsu to get out of the way because she will kill Mizuki. But Tetsu stops her, saying that Mizuki still has the evidence hidden. Mizuki is perplexed by all of this and asks Tetsu for an explanation. Then he reveals the truth about himself, that he is deeply involved with the Kuchinawa gang. Then it is shown that Tetsu was the one who sent Yanoka after Shosuke when he was going to retrieve his phone. He then shows Mizuki a video of Shosuke being held captive and being tortured by the gang members. He also tells her to bring the phone to the Tanimoto industry warehouse 3 within an hour. Tetsu says that he will exchange the phone for Shosuke over there. Then he leaves the place along with Yanoka. When Mizuki finally wraps her head around the situation, she starts crying, and the emotion gets transmitted to Yodonna's heart. Yodonna asks her what emotion it is and Mizuki yells at her in response. Mizuki tells her that she is experiencing sadness. Yodonna then tries to understand what Mizuki said.

Continuity and Placement





  • Hideki Kujirasaki
  • Shimasa
  • Zuo
  • Yanako Nishinoura
  • Macaron
  • Ichigo Daifuku
  • Tetsu Enoshima


Guest Cast

Suit Actors/Stunts[9]

  • Hirokazu Iwakami (岩上 弘数 Iwakami Hirokazu)
  • Daiki Suzuki (鈴木 大樹 Suzuki Daiki)
  • Zousaku Inoue (井上 象策 Inoue Zō-saku)
  • Ryuta Hara (原 隆太 Hara Ryūta)
  • Daiki Sakai (坂井 大樹 Sakai Daiki)
  • Ryoko Gomi (五味 涼子 Gomi Ryōko)
  • Ryohei Sakai (坂井 良平 Sakai Ryōhei)
  • Jun Yokozawa (横沢 淳 Yokozawa Jun)
  • Mine Mizobuchi (溝渕 嶺 Mizobuchi Mine)
  • Yume Sakanashi (坂梨 由芽 Sakanashi Yume)


  • This is the first special in Super Sentai history to be focused around a villain.

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