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Mashin Sentai Kiramager (魔進戦隊キラメイジャー Mashin Sentai Kirameijā)[1][2] is the 44th season of Super Sentai. The show's theme is genies, vehicles, and gemstones, with an additional focus on Middle Eastern folklore.

The series premiered on the Sunday morning Super Hero TimeIcon-crosswiki block alongside Kamen Rider Zero-OneIcon-crosswiki after its predecessor Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger concluded its run on March 1, 2020.


"From past to present all over the world, fun stories always have “gems” appear in it. An adventure involving ancient artifacts, treasure chests in pirate ships, infinite stones all over space… These “shiny and sparkling things” that have crystallized by heat and pressure deep underground have always fascinated us.

In this title, we are attempting as part of the 44th Super Sentai show to utilize these gems for the first time ever as they change into children’s favorite “playthings”. Gems x Vehicles = Mashins. Our heroes will engage in an adrenaline-fueled adventure as they share a bond with these Mashins. Why is it that gems shine? It’s because light reflects off of it in intricate ways. Super Sentai incomparably has many faces. Human drama, life-sized action, special effects involving machines and robots, a world view with a sense of wonder, and a cast of fresh faces. By taking in various rays of light with these various aspects a Sentai team shines as a Sentai team. And from it all, Mashin Sentai Kiramager aims to be the most "sparkling Super Sentai ever”. Please look forward to it!" - Toei Producer Hideaki Tsukada explains how the theme of Kiramager came to be.


A princess from a land of jewelry and Kiramai Stones comes to Earth in search of people with a “shining spirit” called Kiramental, a source of outstanding charm and talent. She seeks them out to make them into warriors to defend Earth from an evil army. Five are chosen by the Kiramai Stones, which transform into sentient vehicle companions known as Mashin. Using these powers, they fight the evil army bent on robbing people of their hope and radiance.



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Designation Name Actor
Kiramai Red Juru Atsuta Rio Komiya
Kiramai Yellow Tametomo Imizu Rui Kihara
Kiramai Green Sena Hayami Yume Shinjo
Kiramai Blue Shiguru Oshikiri Atomu Mizuishi
Kiramai Pink Sayo Oharu Mio Kudo




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Transformation Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon


Other Devices


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Legend: piloted mecha, 2-person mecha, auxiliary mecha


Additional Formations


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The episodes in this Sentai season are referred to as Episode (エピソード Episōdo). The last time the term "Episode" was used was in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.

  1. Episode 1: The Mashin Are Born! (地球の意志 Mashin Tanjō!)
  2. Episode 2: Leader Certification (リーダーの証明 Rīdā no Shōmei)
  3. Episode 3: You Fool! I Don't Need Your Help (マンリキ野郎!御意見無用 Manriki Yarō! Goikenmuyō)
  4. Episode 4: Princess of the Lost World (亡国のプリンセス Bōkoku no Purinsesu)
  5. Episode 5: Exceeded by Shovellow! (ショベローまかりとおる! Shoberō Makaritōru!)
  6. Episode 6: Suddenly Turning 5 Years Old (ツレが5才になりまちて Tsure ga Gosai ni Nari Machite)
  7. Episode 7: Training For You (トレーニングを君に Torēningu o Kimi ni)
  8. Episode 8: Express Lightning (エクスプレス電光石火 Ekusupuresu Denkōsekka)
  9. Episode 9: This Is My Youthful Path of Karuta (わが青春のかるた道 Waga Seishun no Karuta-dō)
  10. Episode 10: The Girl Who Chases After Shiguru (時雨おいかける少女 Shiguru Oikakeru Shōjo)
  11. Episode 11: Time is Looping (時がクルリと Toki ga Kururito)
  12. Episode 12: Wonder Drill Boy (ワンダードリルの快男児 (かいだんじ Wandā Doriru no Kaidanji)
  13. Episode 13: Great Underground War (地底大戦争 Chitei Dai Sensō)
  14. Episode 14: Lonely Ace (孤高のエース Kokō no Ēsu)


  1. Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode ZERO (シンセンタイキラメイジャー エピソードZEROゼロ Mashin Sentai Kirameijā Episōdo Zero)
  2. Mashin Sentai Kiramager: The Movie[6] (劇場版魔進戦隊キラメイジャー Gekijō-ban Mashin Sentai Kirameijā)


  1. Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Kirameki Movies (魔進戦隊キラメイジャーキラメキムービー Mashin Sentai Kirameijā Kirameki Mūbī)
  2. Ep. 1.2 Unreleased Cut, Warehouse Release, Start Dash Once Again SP (1.2話未公開カット蔵出し いまいちどスタートダッシュSP Ichi. Ni-wa mi Kōkai Katto Kuradashi Imaichi do Sutāto Dasshu SP)
  3. Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Kira Talk! (魔進戦隊キラメイジャー: キラトーーク! Mashin Sentai Kirameijā: Kira Tō̄ku!)
  4. Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Galza and Carantula Jamental Institute (魔進戦隊キラメイジャー: ガルザとクランチュラのジャメンタル研究所 Mashin Sentai Kirameijā: Garuza to Kuranchura no Jamentaru Kenkyūjo)
  5. Mashin Folktale Theater (ましんむかしばなし劇場 Mashin Mukashi-Banashi Gekijō)


Suit actors



Opening Theme

Ending Theme

Stage Shows

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Video Games

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  • The show's themes of magic, gems, and protecting hope make it similar to Kamen Rider WizardIcon-crosswiki.
  • This is the first Super Sentai to have its own film double-billed with another Sentai movie and the first to detail the origins of a team in a film rather than in the TV series.
  • This series shares similarites with the concurrent Power Rangers Beast Morphers:
    • Both teams are affilated with technology-based organizations (CARAT and Grid Battleforce).
    • Both have a gamer on the team (Devon and Tametomo).
    • There are red racecar themed vehicles.
      • However, Juru changed his into a firetruck.
    • There are Jet and Helicopter themed mecha.
      • Jetter and Helico can make their own robo as well.
    • There are both small monsters and larger monsters.
      • None of the Robotrons grow into Gigadrones though.
    • Both have locations involving Crystals that have been taken over by the main antagonist.
      • After Evox took Mayor Daniels as his host, he built a new base in the Crystal Dimension.
      • Oradin ruled Crystalia until his brother invaded.
  • Kiramager will be the first Sentai to have a full televised run in the Reiwa Era following the abdication of Emperor Akihito on April 30, 2019, during the run of Ryusoulger.
  • This is the second series is the first post-Gekiranger series to not have a collectable gimmick since Go-Busters.
  • This is the first series to start off with three Mechas: Land Mage, Sky Mage, and Kiramaizin.
  • The sashes on the Kiramager's suits differ. Blue and Pink portray runways with respect to their aerial vehicle Mecha, while Red, Yellow, and Green have regular road patterns with respect to their land vehicle Mecha.
  • Kiramager shares some similarities with its Super Hero Time partner Kamen Rider Zero-One.
    • The main heroes were reluctant at first to take on the roles they were given.
      • Juru didn't want to become a Kiramager as he didn't think that there was anything special about himself like the other chosen Kiramager.
      • Aruto HidenIcon-crosswiki refused to become President of Hiden IntelligenceIcon-crosswiki as his dream is to become a comedian.
    • The Monsters of both shows are created when a Lead Villain gives something to a certain person or creature.

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