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―Rolland's Catchphrase[src]

Mashin Rolland (魔進ローランド Mashin Rōrando) is an auxiliary steam roller-like Mashin in Mashin Sentai Kiramager.

Mashin Rolland Burning Red Ver. (魔進ローランド バーニングレッドVer. Mashin Rōrando Bāningu Reddo Ver.) is an upcoming auxiliary steam roller-like Mashin in Mashin Sentai Kiramager.[1] Appearances: Kiramager Episodes


Limited in speech and sentience compared to the core 5 Mashins, the Orange Kiramai Stone (オレンジキラメイストーン Orenji Kiramei Sutōn) Rolland's main asset is his weight, with which he can flatten a Jamen Beast just by rolling on it. In hammer mode, he can work as a paint roller to distract the Jamen Beast by tickling before scoring a hit with the hammerheads. Rolland can also finish off an opponent in hammer mode, by charging up for the Rolland Raising, a powerful strike with his hammerhead.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 5-8, 10-13, 16-17, 19-20, 23, 26, 28-30, 35-36, 38


Rolland crashed on Earth with Lifton and Carry some time before Mabushina arrived, and were uncovered by a human excavation team. However, it was decided by most that as they hadn't fully developed compared to the core Mashins, they wouldn't be fully awakened due to unpredictability. However, Shovellow planned on staging a coup, roping Juru into turning them into Mashins. As it turns out, Shovellow planned on making them his own team, and score Tatemoto a chance as leader. Unfortunately, it was only thanks to Juru he realized that Tametomo would be the only human member of the team, and sent them out to find partners, though the new Mashins were uninterested and only napped as he griped about it. They eventually came to help out against Catcher Ligany, and were subsequently modified by Juru to form weapons at Shovellow's request. Their help eventually disabled Catcher Ligany, which was quickly finished off.

Kiramaizin Rolland

Main article: Mashin Gattai Kiramaizin

Kiramaizin Rolland (キラメイジンローランド Kirameijin Rōrando) is the armament of Kiramaizin with Mashin Rolland in its hammer mode.

Appearances: Kiramager Episode 5, 10, 17

Additional Formations

Land Mage Lifton & Rolland

Land Mage Lifton & Rolland (ランドメイジ リフトン & ローランド Rando Meiji Rifuton Ando Rōrando) is the armament of Land Mage with both Mashin Lifton in its trident mode and Mashin Rolland in its hammer mode.

Appearances: Kiramager Episode 6

Burning Red Kiramaizin Rolland

Main article: Mashin Gattai Kiramaizin

Burning Red Kiramaizin Rolland is the armament of Kiramaizin with Burning Red Mashin Rolland in its hammer mode of the verison the Mashin Rolland.

[Citation needed]

Appearances: Kiramgers Episodes TBA

Kiramaizin Double Rolland

Main article: Mashin Gattai Kiramaizin

Kiramaizin Double Rolland is the armaments of Kiramaizin with Mashin Rolland and Burning Red Mashin Rolland in its double hammer mode.

[Citation needed]

Appearances: Kiramagers Episode TBA


  • Mashin Rolland is the second Sentai Mecha with the following factors:
  • Rolland's name comes from the words Roller and Land.
    • Rolland's name also draws from the name Roland (a masculine Frankish given name that is also used as a family name.)
  • Mashin Rolland (In Burning Red form) is the first mecha to be recolored from a mecha with a similar or exact name in the 2020s.



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