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Mashin Mach (マシン マッハ Mashin Mahha), initially the Green Kiramai Stone (グリーンキラメイストーン Gurīn Kiramei Sutōn), is Kiramai Green's Sports Car Mecha.


Mashin Mach is the fastest of the initial five Mashin and was able to dodge multiple explosions with only Mashin Express surpassing it's speed. Mashin Mach's signature attack is the Mach Beam where he fires massive green beams from his headlights. He is also the only individual Mashin to have a personal finishing attack. Said attack is the Mach Tornado Attack where it launches into the air before charging with green energy and drilling into the Jamen Beast's stomach with enough force to slay it. However, said finishing move was only used against Super Glue Shellga.


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Suave and gentlemanly in nature, Mashin Mach shares his partner's love for speed and admires her methods in the field. Mach also displays hints of infatuation towards his partner, which is more apparent is some scenes more than others.


Green Kiramai Stone

As a Mashin, Mach is armed with the Mach Flash lasers in his headlights and can reach supersonic speeds. He can also drive up vertical surfaces or use Mashin Fire's ladder as a ramp to launch himself into Jamen Beasts. Forms the head and right shoulder pad of Kiramaizin and Land Mage. Mach can also finish an opponent via his Mach Tornado Attack technique, where he charges through the opponent while barrel-rolling through the air surrounded with energy. Appearances: Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode ZERO, Kiramager Episodes 1-10, Ep. 1.2 Unreleased Cut, Warehouse Release, Start Dash Once Again SP, Kira Talk! The Partner-Loving Mashin, Kira Talk! This Battle is Amazing!!, Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Galza and Carantula Jamental Institute, 11-45

As a part of Land Mage, Mach can also charge himself with fire energy to become Mashin Makka (マシン マッカ Mashin Makka), allowing Land Mage to perform the Kiramai Burning, which fires a stream of flames from the Mecha's face. Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 2 -

"Kiramai Mach"

"(Rock music) Kiramekouze!"
―Transformation sound[src]



Appearances: Kiramager Episode 19

Behind the Scenes


  • Mashin Mach is voiced by Kenji Akabane (赤羽 根健治 Akabane Kenji). While body-swapped with Sena in episode 19, he is temporarily portrayed by Yume Shinjo (新庄 由芽 Shinjō Yume).


  • Mashin Mach is:
  • Mashin Makka name could be a pun between ​mach (マッハ, mahha)​, ​bright red (真っ赤, makka)​ and ​fire (火, ka)​ .
  • He is the only Mashin to have a partner of the opposite gender.



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