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Mashin Gattai Kiramaizin (魔進合体キラメイジン Mashin Gattai Kirameijin) is the main mecha of the Kiramagers in Mashin Sentai Kiramager.


Comprised of both Land and Sky Mage, Kiramaizin is able to use all five of the individual Mashins' signature attacks. It can extend its right Fire Ladder (ファイヤーラダー Faiyā Radā) arm for the Ladder Beyond (ラダービヨンド Radā Biyondo) extending punches, use the Shovellow Boom (ショベローブーム Shoberō Būmu) excavator arm for the Sand Attack (サンドアタック Sando Attaku) debris projectiles, fire the Mach Flash (マッハフラッシュ Mahha Furasshu) laser headlights from its right shoulder, generate the Turbulence (タービュランス Tābyuransu) hurricane force winds from the Helico Rotor (ヘリコローター Heriko Rōtā) blades on its chest, and slash with Jetter Sword (ジェッタソード Jetta Sōdo) blade. Its finisher is the Kiramai Dynamic (キラメイダイナミック Kiramei Dainamikku), where Kiramaizin waves the Jetter Sword in a circle to build up energy before executing a three-fold energy slash to destroy Jamen Beasts.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 3-5, 7-10


In the fight with Vise Gerga, Land Mage and Sky Mage had trouble in dealing with the Jamen Beast. Inspired by the short squabble of his teammates, Juru finished his drawing of the combined form of both Mages. This lead to the formation of Kiramaizin, which was powerful enough to deal with Vise Gerga, eventually destroying it with Kiramai DynamicEpisode 3: You Fool! I Don't Need Your Help.


The Mashin are the vehicle forms of the Kiramai Stones, granted new physical forms by Juru's immense Kiramental when he idealized their partner's vehicular match. As well as their individual skills, the Mashins can change into Stone Mode at will to ram, smash or crush enemies. The downside is as they are mainly made of crystal, they can crack with enough force or a combination of extreme temperatures, such as those produced by Cold Hot Dagames. The core 5 have a special attack technique known as the Kiramai Stone Bomber (キラメイストーンボンバー Kiramei Sutōn Bonbā), where Jetter, Shovellow, Helico and Mach stack in Stone Mode next to Fire, who swings his ladder to send them smashing into the enemy.

Mashin Fire

Mashin Fire (マシン ファイヤ Mashin Faiya) is Kiramai Red's Fire Truck Mecha. A hot-headed sort, Fire is encouraging and daring, and as the most powerful of the core Mashin, is wise as a leader. As a Mashin, he possesses immense strength and carries the Fire Ladder ladder on his back, which can extend to any length he wills. Able to be used as a battering ram or a club, the Fire Ladder also contains a water cannon which can push a Jamen Beast several miles away or be used as a ramp to launch Mach at an opponent. The Fire Ladder also houses a grappling cable, and combined as Kiramaizin or Land Mage, can extend for a thrusting punch known as the Ladder Beyond. Forms the body, right arm, & legs of Kiramaizin and Land Mage.

Appearances: Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode ZERO, Kiramager Episodes 1-10

Mashin Makka (マシン マッカ Mashin Makka) is Fire's alternate racecar form.[1] It is a recolor of Mashin Mach, featuring similar names and abilities, while also being able to ignite himself for extra damage.

Appearances: Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode ZERO, Kiramager Episodes 1 -

Mashin Shovellow

Mashin Shovellow (マシンショベロー Mashin Shoberō) is Kiramai Yellow's Excavator Shovel Mecha. Tempermental and short-fused, Shovellow often argues with his partner and is quick to criticize, often taking things to a standstill point, though he does have a good (yet overly ambitious) part of him. As a Mashin, he possesses immense strength and is armed with the Shovellow Boom excavator arm, which breaks up the ground to fling debris as projectiles to match his partner's sharpshooting skills. It also possesses surprising dexterity and can be used as a grasping tool. Forms the left arm of Kiramaizin and Land Mage.

Appearances: Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode ZERO, Kiramager Episodes 1-10

Mashin Mach

Mashin Mach (マシン マッハ Mashin Mahha) is Kiramai Green's Sports Car Mecha. Suave and gentlemanly in nature, he shares his partner's love for speed and admires her methods in the field. Mach is armed with the Mach Flash lasers in his headlights and can reach supersonic speeds. He can also drive up vertical surfaces or use Mashin Fire's ladder as a ramp to launch himself into Jamen Beasts. Forms the head and right shoulder pad of Kiramaizin and Land Mage.

Appearances: Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode ZERO, Kiramager Episodes 1-10

As a part of Land Mage, Mach can also charge himself with fire energy to become Mashin Makka (マシン マッカ Mashin Makka), allowing Land Mage to perform the Kiramai Burning, which fires a stream of flames from the Mecha's face.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 2 -

Mashin Jetter

Mashin Jetter (マシン ジェッタ Mashin Jetta) is Kiramai Blue's Jet Mecha. Jetter is notably more childish and air-headed compared to his partner, who he sees as an older brother figure. As a Mashin, he is extra speedy and highly maneuverable, is armed with the Jetter Sword blade in its nose to match his partner's swordsmanship, and a pair of wing mounted beam cannons. He can also deploy a wire from his posterior to drag things. Forms the legs of Sky Mage and Kiramaizin's sword.

Appearances: Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode ZERO, Kiramager Episodes 1-10

Mashin Helico

Mashin Helico (マシン ヘリコ Mashin Heriko) is Kiramai Pink's Helicopter Mecha. The only female Mashin of the core 5, Helico is kind and nurturing while also being bubbly, excitable and generally cheerful and giggly. As a Mashin, her Helico Rotor blades can generate hurricane force winds and can deploy a giant bandage from her rear hatch to bind opponents, matching her partner's position as a doctor. Her undercarriage also sports several cable rigs to airlift a Jamen Beast, her fellow Mashins, or pretty much anything else. Forms the upper half of Sky Mage and the chestplate of Kiramaizin.

Appearances: Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode ZERO, Kiramager Episodes 1-10

Alternate Formations

Mashin Gattai Land Mage

Mashin Gattai Land Mage (魔進合体ランドメイジ Mashin Gattai Rando Meiji) is the combined form of Mashin Fire, Shovellow and Mach.

Land Mage possesses immense strength, being able to grab enlarged Jamen Beasts with the Shovellow Arm and throw them around one handed, but has low speed and agility. To compensate, it can use the Fire Ladder arm for long-distance punches or as a ramp which Mach can ride along to ram into Jamen Beasts. Its signature attack is the Kiramai Burning (キラメイバーニング Kiramei Bāningu), where Land Mage changes Mashin Mach to Mashin Makka and generates hot flames, which are fired from the face at the Jamen Beast.

It's finisher is the Land Round Smash (ランドラウンドスマッシュ Rando Raundo Sumasshu), where Land Mage extends the Fire Ladder to snag the Jamen Beast before leaping into the air where it pulls itself towards the Jamen Beast by retracting the Fire Ladder. Once within range, Land Mage swings the Shovellow Boom arm in circles and delivers a barrage of winding punches until the Jamen Beast is destroyed.

Appearances: Kiramager Episode 2-3, 6, 8

Land Mage Lifton & Rolland

Land Mage Lifton & Rolland (ランドメイジ リフトン & ローランド Rando Meiji Rifuton Ando Rōrando) is the armament of Land Mage with both Mashin Lifton in its trident mode and Mashin Rolland in its hammer mode.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 6

Mashin Gattai Sky Mage

Mashin Gattai Sky Mage (魔進合体スカイメイジ Mashin Gattai Sukai Meiji) is the combined form of Mashin Jetter and Mashin Helico which is able to fly using the Helico Rotors and Jetter's boosters.

Sky Mage is armed with a pair of vulcan guns in its forearms which it uses in strafing attacks. While smaller and weaker than Land Mage, Sky Mage makes up for it with its greater speed and agility.

Appearances: Kiramager Episode 2-3, 6, 8

Additional Formations

Kiramaizin Carry

Main article: Mashin Carry

Kiramaizin Carry (キラメイジンキャリー Kirameijin Kyarī) is the armament of Kiramaizin with Mashin Carry in its shield mode.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 5, 7

Kiramaizin Rolland

Main article: Mashin Rolland

Kiramaizin Rolland (キラメイジンローランド Kirameijin Rōrando) is the armament of Kiramaizin with Mashin Rolland in its hammer mode.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 5, 10​​

Kiramaizin Lifton

Main article: Mashin Lifton

Kiramaizin Lifton (キラメイジンリフトン Kirameijin Rifuton) is the armament of Kiramaizin with Mashin Lifton in its trident mode.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 5


  • Kiramaizin is the first Sentai mecha of the Reiwa Era.
  • Land Mage features some Mecha motifs that have been used by GoGo Sentai Boukenger and Engine Sentai Go-Onger.
    • Mashin Fire is the first Fire Truck Mecha since GoGo Fire to form any major part of a Giant Robo (Trigger Machine Splash was the last fire engine mecha and only formed a head, chestplate and an arm).
      • Coincidentally, both mecha use the word "Fire" as the part of the Mecha's name.
  • The way Mashin Jetto forms the sword may be similar to the Blade Dial Fighter from Lupinranger vs Patoranger.
    • Mashin Shovellow is the first Excavator Shovel Mecha since GoGo Shovel.
      • His name comes from the words shovel and yellow.
        • This makes Shovellow the only one of the Five Core Mashin that has their pilots color added to their name in some way.
      • The Method that Mashin Shovellow attaches to Land Mage as the left arm is also similar to DaiBouken Shovel.
      • Mashin Shovellow is the first character in the Super Sentai series portrayed by Mitsuo Iwata that is not a villainous role.
    • Mashin Mach is the first Sports Car Mecha since Engine Speedor to form the head of a mecha.
    • Mashin Makka is the first Mecha since the Hammer Dial Fighter that was transformed from an existing Mecha with a different color (Mashin Mach).
      • However, Mashin Makka is also the first Mecha to transform into a different Mecha but retained the same color (Mashin Fire).
  • On the magazine promoting image, Mashin Helico was shown to be a more violet shade of pink than in the toy promos. This carried over to the CG render for Sky Mage, which was exclusively animated in CGI due to the impracticality of its size.
  • The Kiramastone tower formation before their finisher is similar to ShinkenOh oden formation.
  • Mashin Makka name could be a pun between mach (マッハ mahha), bright red (真っ赤 makka) and fire ( ka) .
  • Much like many Transformers characters, the headlights on each Mashin flash when they talk.
  • The land vehicle components have black as their main secondary color, while the aircraft components have white. The former also have more circular steering wheels, while the latter are more like those found on an airplane.
  • A star symbol can be found on the wheels of Mashin Fire and Mashin Mach, the engine of Mashin Shovellow and on the rotor head of Mashin Helico. The star symbol could also be found on the toy releases. Given Kiramager's theme on genies, the star symbol could be a reference to the Rub el Hizb, a Muslim symbol. Jetter is the only one of the core five to lack this symbol.
  • Given Kiramager's theme on shining things and Middle Eastern culture, the design of the cockpits could be a reference to āina-kāri, an Iranian art genre that uses mirrors.
  • Mashin Mach is the first Green Ranger Mecha since MagiTaurus that forms the head of the Robo.
    • Mashin Mach is also the first Green Ranger Vehicle-Based Mecha since Green Hover to form the head of a Giant Robo.
  • Mashin Shovellow is the first Yellow Ranger Mecha since Dumpmaru that is based on a Construction Vehicle.
    • Mashin Shovellow is also the first Core Ranger Mecha that is based on an Excavator Shovel.
      • Mashin Shovellow is also the first Excavator Shovel mecha since GoGo Shovel.
  • Mashin Helico is the first Pink Ranger Mecha since Masky Gyro to be based on a Helicopter.
    • It is also the first Pink Ranger Mecha to form a body of a Robo.
  • Just like Red Ladder, Mashin Fire can release support Braces for added stability.
  • Mashin Jetter is the first Blue Ranger Mecha that is involved in the formation of the Core Ranger Robo whose entire body is used to make the Robo's sword instead of just a piece of it.
  • When Kiramai Red called Kiramai Pink's Mecha as "Doctor Heli", it's a reference to air ambulance that was used as air medical services.
    • Interestingly, Sayo has a normal job as a doctor.
  • Kiramaizin is the first Core Ranger Robo since ZyuohKing where it doesn't replace any of the Core Ranger Mecha with an Auxiliary Mecha in one of its alternate forms.
  • To fit Kiramager's "shining" tagline, the Mashin make extensive use of internal lights and translucent parts. This extends to the suits for Land Mage and Kiramaizin. Additionally, the dark clouds appearing upon the summoning for the Jamen Beasts were purposely added to help the effect.
  • Land Mage's colour scheme could possibly be a reference to the colours of a traffic light, which has red, yellow and green, as the mechas that created Land Mage are all based on land-based vehicles.
    • Theorhetically, Sky Mage's colors are either tinted versions of an aircraft's port and starboard lights or the colors of the sunset or sunrise.
MashinExpress as Grand Guardian
  • It was revealed by Galza that Kiramaizin is one of Crystalia's four grand guardians (including King Express, GigantDriller, and an unknown fourth Mecha).
  • This is the first Pre-Anniversary Season Core Ranger Robo to have individual cockpits for the Rangers instead of a shared cockpit.



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