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Mashin Gattai King Express (魔進合体キングエクスプレス Mashin Gattai Kingu Ekusupuresu) is the secondary robo in Mashin Sentai Kiramager.


The combination of Mashin Express and Mashin Jouki, King Express is armed with the Jouki Chainsaw (ジョーキーチェーンソー Jōkī Chēnsō) blade on the left arm and the Jouki Jaws (ジョーキージョー Jōkī Jō) dinosaur head on the right arm. The mecha is exceptionally agile compared to Kiramaizin, capable of performing acrobatic leaps and kicks while able to fly short distances. Inherent from Smog Jouki, the Jouki Jaws can fire the Burn Blacker (バーンブラッカー Bān Burakkā) purple fire blast, which deals heavy damage to its target, and generate purple energy slashes with the Jouki Chainsaw. Its finisher is the King Express Burn Plaster (キングエクスプレスバーンプラスター Kingu Ekusupuresu Bān Purasutā), where King Express generates and fires energy boomerangs in the likeness of its chestplate to destroy the Jamen Beast after it's entrapped in energy tracks created from its Mashin Express Jouki form.

Although Mashin Express could forcefully disable Galza's control of Mashin Jouki, the Demonic General of Betrayal can now counter and separate the mech through his Jamental, forcing the mecha to combine when Galza is out of the cockpit. King Express also acts as a restraint to keep Smog Jouki out of the way, as long as Galza can be held back. The combination was retired following the addition of Mashin Zabyun, whose presence eliminates the need for Mashin Jouki. Galza later brought the combination back into battle by brainwashing Mashin Express with his Jamental powers, turning King Express into Jaaku King Express (邪悪キングエクスプレス Jaaku Kingu Ekusupuresu, lit. "Evil King Express"), an asset for the Yodonheim empire. Galza's Jamental energy also supercharges the mecha's attacks, allowing it to best Grateful Phoenix in combat. Jaaku King Express is visually identical to the default version, but with red visor eyes very similar to the ones on the helmet of Dark Kiramai Silver. The finisher for this version is known as the Burn Dead End (バーンデッドエンド Bān Deddo Endo), where the mecha charges up the Jouki Jaws with dark energy and fires it in a V-shape similar to its chestplate. This attack was powerful enough to critically damage GigantDriller, one of the most powerful mecha in the Kiramagers' arsenal.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 7-10, 14, 18 (normal), 34, 37 (Jaaku)


After the other Kiramagers pushed Juru too far past his limits, a manifestation of Mashin Express went through him and caused him to collapse. Later, during a battle with Cold Hot Dagames and Smog Jouki, a manifestation of King Express took form between the evil Mashin and a damaged Kiramaizin, one that only Juru and Galza could see. The vision causes Galza to pause his attack, allowing the Kiramagers to retreat. While unconscious, Juru dreams of King Oradin, who gives him guidance about his situation. After waking up, he sees a picture he drew in the dream in his sketchbook that leads him to the facility where the Kiramai Stone that brought Mabushina to Earth was being hidden.

Juru arrives in time to confront Galza, who was out to destroy the stone. After being cornered, Juru and Mabushina (who had followed him) retreat into the white stone, where he uses his Kiramental to turn it into Mashin Express and escape. Galza follows in Jouki, but when he catches up, Juru manages to take control of the evil Mashin. Using the previous vision of King Express as a base, he is able to force Jouki to combine with Express to bring his vision into reality. Despite Galza's resistance, Juru uses the newly created mecha to destroy Cold Hot Dagames.


Mashin Express

Mashin Express (マシンエクスプレス Mashin Ekusupuresu) is a white shinkansen-themed Mashin. Created from the large White Kiramai Stone (ホワイトキラメイストーン Howaito Kiramei Sutōn) that gave King Oradin interstellar travel and brought Mabushina to Earth, Mashin Express can travel faster than Mashin Jouki, and fire blue energy beams from its headlights, as well as fly. Unlike the first eight Mashins, Express is only semi-sentient, having been made by Oradin as an emergency measure should Jouki be used for evil. Express can speak only via horn sounds, which only seems to be understood by Mashin Zabyun. When Mashin Express is spilt into two Kiramai Stones, which are known as Ex' (エクス Ekusu) and 'Press (プレス Puresu). Ex' forms the front of Mashin Express and 'Press forms the back. Mashin Express forms the torso and head of King Express.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 4, 6 (Kiramai Stone), 7-16, 18-20, 22-24, 26-30, 33-38, 42-45 (Mashin Express)

Mashin Jouki

Main article: Darkness Megabeast Mecha Smog Jouki

Mashin Jouki (マシン ジョーキー Mashin Jōkī) is an evil Mashin created by the Dark Empire Yodonheim. Originally the Black Kiramai Stone (ブラックキラメイストーン Burakku Kiramei Sutōn) and Royal Train of the Crystalia Kingdom, Jouki was commandeered by the Crystalia traitor Galza, who possibly used his Jamental to upgrade it with a dinosaur mode known as Darkness Megabeast Mecha Smog Jouki (闇の巨獣メカ スモッグジョーキー Yami no Kyojū Meka Sumoggu Jōkī). It forms the limbs of King Express.

As of the penultimate episode, Galza gave Jouki to the Kiramagers as aid for the final showdown against Emperor Yodon.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 4, 6-10, 13-14, 18-19, 32-39, 43-45

Additional Formations

Mashin Express Jouki

Mashin Express Jouki (マシンエクスプレスジョーキー Mashin Ekusupuresu Jōkī) is the combined form taken when Mashin Express latches onto Mashin Jouki in order to combine into King Express.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 7-9

Kiramaizin Express

Kiramaizin Express (キラメイジンエクスプレス Kirameijin Ekusupuresu) is formed when Kiramaizin rides on Mashin Express. Its finisher is the Kiramaizin Express Break (キラメイジンエクスプレスブレーク Kirameijin Ekusupuresu Burēku), where Kiramaizin charges the Jetter Sword and executes a slash at high speed to destroy the Jamen Beast.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 11

Mashin Express Zabyun

Mashin Express Zabyun (マシンエクスプレスザビューン Mashin Ekusupuresu Zabyūn) is the combined form taken when Mashin Express latches onto Mashin Zabyun in order to combine into King Express Zabyun.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 22-23

Kiramaizin Zabyun Magnum

Main article: Mashin Zabyun

Kiramaizin Zabyun Magnum (キラメイジンザビューンマグナム Kirameijin Zabyūn Magunamu) is the combination of Kiramaizin and Mashin Zabyun in its Gun & Screw Cannon mode. It can rapidly fire blue energy blasts from the gun form of Zabyun and a giant blue tornado from the Screw Cannon. It's finisher is the Zabyun Big Wave Lancer which involves reengaging it as the full Zabyun before charging it with blue energy before launching it to drive straight through the Jamen Beast's torso.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 24, 30

Mashin Gattai King Express Zabyun

Main article: Mashin Zabyun

Mashin Gattai King Express Zabyun (魔進合体キングエクスプレスザビューン Mashin Gattai Kingu Ekusupuresu Zabyūn) is the second and true version of King Express formed by combining King Express and Express Zabyun. This version retains and enhances the original's extreme speed and negates the need for Smog Jouki. This combination was first formed to kill Motorboat Basra because Galza knew better than to deploy in Smog Jouki and thus give the Kiramagers a significant advantage. It thusly replaces the original King Express formation from then onwards as Zabyun's presence and enhancements make the requirement for Mashin Jouki moot.

Rather than using arm blades like the original, it utilizes Zabyun's head and tail as fists to bash and smack Jamen Beasts and retains the ability to Lorenzi Search enemies to find thier weaknesses. It can perform the Jaws Attack (where King Express Zabyun charges blue energy into it's right fist to punch the Jamen Beast with enough force to clothesline them) and the Left Hand Screw (where they charge energy into the left hand turbine to unleash a massive swirl of dark blue-purple energy to cripple the enemy). King Express Zabyun's most powerful attack is the Zabyun Tornado Cutter where Zabyun transforms into it's default jet mode and surrounds the Jamen Beast in itself which envelops it in a tornado that cuts into the Jamen Beast with devastating force.

King Express Zabyun's finishing attack is the Zabyun Megalo-Blaster where it flashes it's visor and raises it's arms to chest level before firing massive devastating blue beams from it's face, head, feet, and arms that form into an energy shark which obliterates the Jamen Beast on contact.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 22-23, 27-29, 33, 36-37, 44


  • King Express is the second white and black Mecha after Kishiryu CosmoRaptor.
  • A picture of King Express's silhouette was leaked on a Kiramager Toy display case at Toys R Us[1].
  • King Express' concept of combining a Good Mecha with an Evil one and the fact that it can be used by both sides, mirrors the Ride CrosserIcon-crosswiki.png from Kamen Rider DriveIcon-crosswiki.png which combines a Good Rider MachineIcon-crosswiki.png with an Evil oneIcon-crosswiki.png, whereas both Sentai mechs also share similiar color schemes with their respective rider counterparts.
  • While not the first Sentai Robo to use a saw-based weapon, King Express is the first one to use a chainsaw as part of its arsenal.
  • Mashin Express is the first Mashin to split into two Kiramai Stones.
    • It is also the second Mashin on the side of the Kiramagers to be hijacked by one of the villains.
  • The components use the couplings of the ToQ Ressha.

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