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Mashin Gattai Grateful Phoenix (魔進合体グレイトフルフェニックス Mashin Gattai Gureitofuru Fenikkusu) is a robo in Mashin Sentai Kiramager.


Grateful Phoenix w/ Golden Halberd

The combination between Mashins Hakobu and Oradin, Grateful Phoenix has the power of flight, and therefore rivals King Express Zabyun in speed. Due to Hakobu's experience and power and Oradin's wisdom and Kiramental, the mecha is exceptionally powerful, and wields the Golden Axes (ゴールデンアックス Gōruden Akkusu) formed from its wingtips. The Golden Axes can also combine end-to-end to form the Golden Halberd (ゴールデンハルバード Gōruden Harubādo), which alongside a set of shoulder lasers makes Grateful Phoenix a vital asset to the Kiramagers' arsenal.

The mecha's finisher is the Grateful Prominence (グレイトフルプロミネンス Gureitofuru Purominensu), where Grateful Phoenix charges up the Golden Halberd with blue energy and cleaves the Jamen Beast clean in half before the bisected foe self-destructs. The attack mainly bisects the Jamen Beast lengthways, but the slash can work horizontally to take out a line of opponents. Grateful Phoenix also has another finisher known as the Great Stone Bomber, which mainly involves the mecha juggling the main 5 Mashins in their Kiramai Stone forms before sending them rocketing towards the opponent.

During the Battle against the Yodon Ivy Seed, Juru devised a new finishing attack named the Grateful Go Arrow, which involved all four of the Crystalian Grand Guardians wielding a supersized Kiraful Go Arrow, pooling their energy into the weapon before firing a single supercharged shot.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 29-31, 33-37, 39


After healing the main 5 Mashin and retrieving a resurrected King Oradin from the Atamald Sanctuary, Juru and the Crystalian ruler imagined the form and with their combined kiramental, Oradin's new mashin form could combine with Mashin Hakobu into Grateful Phoenix, which made quick work out of Projector Gomoryu.

Additional Formations

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  • Befitting the fact that Mashin Oradin is named after the Crystalian ruler whose spirit it holds, Grateful Phoenix is colored after a royal officer, particularly those from British Monarchies.

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