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"Mashin Drijan!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

Mashin Drijan (魔進ドリジャン Mashin Dorijan) is Kiramai Silver's drill Mecha in Mashin Sentai Kiramager. Before officially becoming a Mashin, it was originally known as Super Heavy Machine Drijan (超重機ドリジャン Chōjūki Dorijan).


A large triple-drill tank with 6 crawler tracks and 2 grabber arms, Drijan is equipped for underground burrowing. Unlike the majority of the Mashin, Drijan lacks a stone mode and instead has a separate Kiramai Stone, the Shining Kiramai Stone (シャイニングキラメイストーン Shainingu Kiramei Sutōn), inserted as its core. This is necessary for transformation, though it can also transport other Kiramai Stones. Built-in the CARAT workshops, Drijan can burrow at 100 meters per minute, and while combat capable with a rotating wheelhouse, can also transform into GigantDriller for extra offensive abilities.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 13-20, 22, 24-29, 31


Drijan was built for Takamichi by Muryou Hakataminami, who boasted it to be more advanced than the current Mashin, something that the core 5 took offense to. Drijan was finished in time to face off against Haejigoku Shellga, but when Galza arrived, the Mashin fought off against Darkness Megabeast Mecha Smog Jouki instead, leaving Land Mage to finish off the Jamen Beast.

Mashin Henkei GigantDriller

"Mashin Henkei! GigantDriller!"
―Combination announcement[src]

Mashin Henkei GigantDriller (魔進変形ギガントドリラー Mashin Henkei Giganto Dorirā, Machine Transformation Giant Driller) is the robot form of Drijan, formed by combining with Takamichi in his stone form. Due to this, rather than being controlled from a cockpit, GigantDriller is controlled directly by Kiramai Silver's mind, acting as a larger body for him. The Mecha is exceptionally strong, capable of spinning its upper body 360 degrees, and possesses enough strength to lift a Jamen Beast with the Driller Swing (ドリラースイング Dorirā Suingu) attack with the claws on the left arm, also able utilize the right drill arm for the Drill Knuckle (ドリルナックル Doriru Nakkuru) jabs. While GigantDriller is formidable in power, it sacrifices Mashin Drijan's speed, making it vulnerable to speed-based attacks such as those from Motorboat Basra.

Its finisher is the Gigant Crash (ギガントクラッシュ Giganto Kurasshu), where the Giant Robo leaps in the air and delivers a burrowing flying kick with the right drill foot, destroying the Jamen Beast.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 17-20, 22, 24-29, 31

Additional Formations

GigantDriller Giga-mori Special

GigantDriller Giga-mori Special (ギガントドリラーギガ盛りスペシャル Giganto Dorirā Giga-mori Supesharu) is the combined form of GigantDriller with some of the "Shovellow corps". It features GigantDriller with Shovellow as the right shoulderpad, and has Duston wielded in the main left claw and Magellan in the secondary claw. The Mecha is armed with GigantDriller's strength and drills, Magellan's firepower, and Duston's suction. The Shovellow Boom (ショベローブーム Shoberō Būmu) also allows it to slash an enemy.

The combination's finisher is the Gigant Crash Special (ギガントクラッシュスペシャル Giganto Kurasshu Supesharu), where GigantDriller spins its upper torso like a top while Shovellow grabs on, Magellan weakens several key points before they are broken by the drills, and the monster is flung far while the remaining pieces are sucked by Duston.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 18

Mashin Gattai Kiramai Driller

Mashin Gattai Kiramai Driller is an improvised Mashin combination made by sticking Kiramaizin and GigantDriller back-to-back with Glue Shellga's glue. The combination's finisher is the Kiramai Driller Wild Scramble, where GigantDriller spins its upper half rapidly while the combination strikes multiple blows with the Drill Knuckle, Kiramaizin's feet, the Shovellow Boom and the Jetter Sword, until the Jamen Beast is destroyed.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 20


  • Drijan is the first Silver Mecha since GoZyuDrill that was based on a drill machine and piloted by a Silver Ranger.
  • GigantDriller bears some resemblance to Build DaiOh From ToQger in terms of coloring.
    • Even more so when the latter is equipped with the Drill Ressha.
  • So far, Drijan is the only Mashin to not have a Stone mode.

MashinExpress as Grand Guardian.png

  • It was revealed by Galza that GigantDriller is one of Crystalia's four grand guardians, the other three being Kiramaizin, King Express, and Grateful Phoenix).
  • GigantDriller is the first Giant Robo since Gekiatsu Shuriken Gattai Gekiatsu Dai-Oh to have one of its components be a transformed ranger.
  • GigantDriller's Gigant Crash attack is similar to Kamen Rider Zero-One Breaking Mammoth's Breaking Impact where both Mecha leap into the air and deliver a flying kick to the monster.
  • GigantDriller is the first Mecha other than Kiramaizin to use any auxiliary Mecha.
  • Drijan is the third Mashin to not speak in human dialect, the first was Mashin Jouki and the second was Mashin Express.



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