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Mashin Carry (魔進キャリー Mashin Kyarī) is an auxiliary indigo flatbed truck-like Mashin in Mashin Sentai Kiramager.


Limited in speech compared to the core 5 Mashins, Carry can transport any Kiramai Stone on her bed or trip a Jamen Beast by releasing a load of rainbow-colored pipes. In shield mode, she can block incoming projectiles and reflect them, and can also be used as a shoving pad.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 5-8, 10-14, 16


Carry crashed on Earth with Rolland and Lifton some time before Mabushina arrived, and were uncovered by a human excavation team. However, it was decided by most that as they hadn't fully developed compared to the core Mashins, they wouldn't be fully awakened due to unpredictability. However, Mashin Shovellow planned on staging a coup, roping Juru into turning them into Mashins. As it turns out, Shovellow planned on making them his own team, and score Tatemoto a chance as leader. Unfortunately, it was only thanks to Juru he realized that Tametomo would be the only human member of the team, and sent them out to find partners, though the new Mashins were uninterested and only napped as he griped about it. They eventually came to help out against Catcher Ligany, and were subsequently modified by Juru to form weapons at Shovellow's request. Their help eventually disabled Catcher Ligany, which was quickly finished off.

Additional Formations

Kiramaizin Carry

Main article: Mashin Gattai Kiramaizin

Kiramaizin Carry (キラメイジンキャリー Kirameijin Kyarī) is the armament of Kiramaizin with Mashin Carry in its shield mode.

Appearances: Kiramager Episode 5, 7




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