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Masato Tsutamune (蔦宗 正人 Tsutamune Masato) is an actor, stuntman, suit actor, and member of Japan Action Enterprise who has served in various Toei tokusatsu productions.

He also participated in the Sentai parody films Eight Ranger (2012) and Eight Ranger 2 (2014)Icon-crosswiki.png.


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Super Sentai

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       "Passionate friendship! Justice of drift power triggered !!"
       "Grand Prix Final! True face of the warrior last run !!"
       "Goodbye Sky theater! Passionate think I Revive !!"
       "It Kenzan !! in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Theater G Rosso"
       "Shinkenger Gold Kenzan! Curtain Noriyuki sea battle"
       "Super Shinkenger Kenzan! Curtain Noriyuki true samurai skills"
       "Modjikara gathered !! final battle Noriyuki curtain"
       "It Genru !! to Tensou squadron Goseiger Theater G Rosso"
       "Goseinaito descent! Power of justice Tensou !!"
       "Clash! Goseiger VS Dark Gosei jar"
       "Mamoruhoshi angel descended! Miracle of the last turn."
       "It Genru !! pirate squadron Gokaiger Theater G Rosso"
       "Full speed forward! Gokai Silver appeared!"
       "Pirate power explosion! Treasure Island Great Battle !!"
       "Vasco Revealed! Daigekitotsu !! aerial city midwinter"
       The "pirate Gather! decide ze final wave"
       "Genru to Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Theater G Rosso!"
       "Emergency mobilization! Go Buster Ace start !!"
       "New warrior appeared! Beat & stag !!"
       "Strongest pirate Genru! Turnout case Go-Busters!"
       "Eternal Kizuna! Go-Busters Last Mission !!"
       "Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger! The Genru to Theater G Rosso !!"
       "Thunder of hero Kyo Liu Gold Kenzan !!"
       The term "allele-ze! Midsummer today Liu Decisive Battle !!"
       "Huge amount evolution! G Rosso de Carnival !!"
       "Ze decide! Mightiest of Brave finish !!"
       "Ressha sentai toqger! In Theater G Rosso and Genru !!"
       "Starting progress! Dream of G Rosso No. !!"
       "New Warrior No. 6 start! Flame express decisive battle !! of"
       "I will be Retsu-sha! Hyper special grade No. 1 starting progress !!"
       "Last train is coming! Shine Rainbow line !!"
       "It Genru !! to Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Theater G Rosso"
       "Turn of trampled to death! New warrior star ninja over calling on !!"
       "Strongest ninja ze violent! Midsummer of ninja festival !!"
       The "negative is not fight! The transcendence! Ninjutsu battle !!"

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