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"Change us into the Majin Dragon! Magical Dragon Fusion! Maagi Giruma Jinga! MagiDragon!"
―The four eldest Ozu siblings[src]

Maryu Gattai MagiDragon (魔竜合体マジドラゴン Maryū Gattai MajiDoragon, Magic Dragon Fusion MagiDragon) is the Majuu formation of MagiGreen, MagiYellow, MagiBlue and MagiPink's mecha forms when they dial Maagi Giruma Jinga (1-2-5) on their MagiPhones. MagiPhoenix, being the only one who doesn't combine with the formation, rides MagiDragon into battle.

Mecha Components


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"Change me into a Majin! Great Magical Henshin! Maagi Magi Magika! MagiGaruda!"
―Tsubasa Ozu[src]

MagiGaruda (マジガルーダ MajiGarūda) is MagiYellow's Majin form. His arms, Garuda Wing (ガルーダウィング Garūda Wingu), can be used as weapons in the "Garuda Attack". He can also shoot lightning bolts from his eyes. Its suit actor was Yasuhiko Imai.

When combining, MagiGaruda forms MagiDragon's back, wings, and neck, and MagiKing's wings and back.


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"Change me into a Majin! Great Magical Henshin! Maagi Magi Magika! MagiMermaid!"
―Urara Ozu[src]

MagiMermaid (マジマーメイド MajiMāmeido) is MagiBlue's Majin Form. She wields the Mermaid Lance (マーメイドランス Māmeido Ransu) and can fuse her legs into a fishtail for swimming in water.

When combining, MagiMermaid forms MagiDragon's tail and MagiKing's shins and feet, with the Mermaid Shield (マーメイドシールド Māmeido Sīrudo) on her back combining with MagiTaurus's Taurus Axe to form MagiDragon's MagiDragon Tail (マジドラゴンテイル MajiDoragon Teiru), while the Mermaid Lance combines with MagiPhoenix's Phoenix Sword to form the Dragon Lancer. The Dragon Lancer then combines with the Dragon Tail to make MagiKing's KingCalibur. Its suit actor was Mizuho Nogawa


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"Change me into a Majin! Great Magical Henshin! Maagi Magi Magika! MagiFairy!"
―Houka Ozu[src]

MagiFairy (マジフェアリー MajiFearī) isMagiPink's Majin Form. She wields the Fairy Cutter (フェアリーカッター Fearī Kattā) wings and can turn herself into the Magiranger Ball (マジレンジャーボール Majirenjā Bōru), which the others use in the "Magi Shoot" finisher. MagiFairy happens to be smallest of the Majin, about as tall as MagiTaurus' head.

When combining, MagiFairy forms MagiDragon's head and MagiKing's "sternum".


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"Change me into a Majin! Great Magical Henshin! Maagi Magi Magika! MagiTaurus!"
―Makito Ozu[src]

MagiTaurus (マジタウロス Majitaurosu) is MagiGreen's Majin Form and the largest of the Majin, being twice as tall as the others. In battle, MagiTaurus wields the Taurus Axe (タウロスアックス Taurosu Akkusu).

When combining, MagiTaurus forms most of MagiDragon, forming the body, arms, and legs, with his Taurus Axe then combining with the Mermaid Shield to form the MagiDragon Tail. For MagiKing, MagiTaurus forms the head, arms, and legs, and the Dragon Tail combines with Dragon Lancer to form KingCalibur, with Taurus Axe forming the handle and pommel of the sword.

When Samurai Shichijuurrou was enlarged, Makito finished him in one blow with the "Super Aniki Special Crash". Its suit actor was Hirofumi Fukuzawa.



Magi Dragon (Gokaiger)

Unlike its original form, MagiDragon is red instead of a mix of five colors, as well as not formed from the eldest Ozu siblings. It combines with GokaiOh to form Magi GokaiOh (マジゴーカイオー Magi Gōkaiō). The Gokaigers gain access to it after after Don used courage to save Marvelous' life, a key emotion that the Magirangers use to summon their powers, during their chase against Kai Ozu.

Other Forms

Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O

MagiDragon (Dice-O)

MagiDragon as depicted in Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O.

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