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Maryl Snyder is a genetic engineer who works in Ocean Bluff. She developed the X5 Cloning formula.

In the episode "Maryl and the Monkeys", she was carrying the formula in a briefcase handcuffed to her arm, en route to finish the research on it. Camille and a swarm of Rinshi showed up to steal the formula to use on a Phantom Beast. The Jungle Fury Rangers arrived to fight them off, and while they succeeded in rescuing her, a blast that Camille sent broke the chain on the handcuffs, and she quickly grabbed the briefcase and vanished. Dominic, who had saved her from the blast, asks what was in the briefcase, but she didn't say, and departed.

Dom caught up with her later in his regular attire, and tried initially to learn what was in the briefcase. Maryl immediately became suspicious, not having seen anyone else around. With no alternative, Dom morphs into the Rhino Ranger to erase her suspicions. He takes her back to Jungle Karma Pizza to learn what was stolen so that the Rangers can fight against it, and manages to persuade her to trust him. Before she states the contents of the briefcase, however, Dom catches the other rangers and Fran spying on him, and leaves Maryl to talk to them. Maryl follows him a short while later, just in time to hear him boast to them that she's putty in his hands, and going to tell him everything. She leaves immediately, not listening to Dom's apologies.

Later, after Camille has used the formula on Grinder, Dom finds Maryl again and apologizes for his foolishness, stating that it was because he liked her. She remains impassive, and he states a desire to make it up to her, but informs her of the situation first. Maryl subsequently tells him that to get rid of the clones, the original monkey must be destroyed, and he can be identified by the one part of the formula that she had not perfected: the subject is inflicted with a horrible itch. Dom thanks her and leaves, but asks her to meet him at the pizza parlor the following day so that he can make it up to her. She says she will have to think about it, and Dom says that he will wait for her. She does not come, however, and is not seen or mentioned again for the remainder of the series; her leaving Dom waiting results in him beginning a relationship with Fran.

She is played by Siobhan Page.

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