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This article is about a/an voice actor in the Power Rangers franchise.

Mark Mitchinson voiced General Shifter in Power Rangers RPM, Trickster & Armadeevil in Power Rangers Samurai, Creepox in Power Rangers Megaforce, Singe in Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, Space Sheriff Skyfire in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, and Turbotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.


  • He is simialr to Brad Hawkins as both have voiced characters in Power Rangers (Trey of Triforia and various villains), as well as the American counterparts of Metal Heroes (Ryan Steele-Metalder/Shaider and Sheriff Skyfire-Jiraiya).
    • Unlike Hawkins, Jiraiya wasn't adapted for the United States, he was just a one-time character in Power Rangers.
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