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"Your power has overcome me!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Marionette Shadow (マリオネットシャドー Marionetto Shadō) is a Shadow Monster that appears in Episode 9 of Ressha Sentai ToQger.


This Shadow Monster hunged around in the shadows of the town, silently manipulating the hearts of humans in it by having the men in the town save the girls from Kuros, including the visiting Mio. Right when Marionette Shadow decided to break some hearts, Mio had finally fessed up to her feelings to a guy named Toru that had saved her the day before, and she had made a lunch for him along with returning the man's dropped wallet. But while every broken hearted girl was emitting darkness, Mio did not.

Greatly confused, the Shadow Monster went down to ask why Mio was not emitting darkness, only to get hit by her bokken that she had on her (due to it being a poorly-veiled call to a duel on Mio's part due to her tsundere actions) in the face. When he saw Mio put on her ToQ Changer, he realized she's a ToQger and tried to attack the person Mio had a crush on, but she tackled the guy out of the way of one of Marionette Shadow's thrown Puppetry Cutters (操り系カッター Ayatsuri-kei Kattā). After getting the person out of there, Mio transformed and fought Marionette Shadow after wiping out some Kuros, only for Marionette Shadow's Doll Marionettes (ドール系マリオネット Dōru-kei Marionetto) to pop up and beat ToQ 3gou out of transformation. Before any harm could come to her, the other ToQgers had arrived, and soon, the Shadow Monster was disarmed and sent airborne via a Shingo Hammer to the chin, and hit the ground hard enough to crater it, and the team finished him off with the Rainbow Rush in Present form, smashing Marionette Shadow with an oversized onigiri.

Once enlarged, the ToQgers summoned the Diesel, Tank, and Car Carrier Ressha (since the main Ressha were still being repaired from the Bomb Shadow incident), and during the formation of Diesel-Oh, the formation slammed into Marionette Shadow's leg, sending him flying. In retaliation, Marionette Shadow tried attacking directly, only to be beaten back by Diesel-Oh. In response, Marionette Shadow jumped over to a building top behind Diesel-Oh, and snagged Diesel-Oh's arms with his strings. The Ressha Combination powered its way out of the strings, snapping them and sending the Shadow Monster back onto the ground. Once up, Diesel-Oh stunned the enlarged Shadow with a Diesel-Oh Impact, then ended the Monster with a Diesel-Oh Spinning Kick.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Strings: He is able to use his strings to control his victims.


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  • Puppetry Cutters (操り系カッター Ayatsuri-kei Kattā): He wields Puppetry Cutters in combat.
  • Doll Marionettes (ドール系マリオネット Dōru-kei Marionetto): He has some marionettes on his legs.

Behind the Scenes



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Concept Art


  • The last three kana of "Daishituren" is a reference to "Fūren" (風連), a railway station in Hokkaido.


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