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This article is about a/an ally in Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

Mario Mori (森 真理夫 Mori Mario) is the maternal uncle of Yamato Kazakiri; the younger brother of his late mother, Wakako Kazakiri. He owns a workshop named Atelier Mori, where he and Yamato live together, in the woods where he makes sculptures of animals, and sometimes can be seen cosplaying as different animals to seek inspiration for his works. Mario is the person Yamato admired the most and his vast knowledge of animals is what inspired his nephew to become a zoologist.

Character History

When an injured Yamato was brought home, his friends explaining that he was trying to treat a feral animal, Mario recounted one time when Yamato was kicked by a runaway horse he was trying to catch, noting that he has always been stubborn. Ep. 19: Who Can Be Trusted?



An eccentric individual, Mario often wears costumes and impersonates the animal he is about to sculpt to channel creative inspiration for his art, much to the embarrassment of his nephew Yamato at times.

Behind the scenes


Mario Mori is portrayed by Susumu Terajima (寺島 進 Terajima Susumu).


  • The name "Mario" could be a shout out to Nintendo's iconic character, especially given the cube and pixel motif of Zyuohger.


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